Loganville, Georgia
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I purchased two watermelons.

As I was leaving the store a short menacing looking person started harassing me and pulling at my cart yelling at me to show me them my receipt. This guy had looked like an illegal immigrant with tattoos, plain clothes and sunglasses on and at no time did he identify himself as loss prevention. I felt harassed, intimidated and a bit scared at this encounter. After I asked him to bring the police he eventually identified himself as loss prevention. After that he continued to berate and insult me. The persons name was Fred and I was given this number APA 1720 to identify him. Managers name Joanne.

I don't spend my hard earned money in this store to be treated like this. I will no longer spend my money walmart only to be harassed, threatened, insulted and intimidated I know walmart has all the money they would ever need and realize they don't care about me as a customer but this must be said and I will be posting this experience to as many outlets and informing as many people as I can.

In closing watch out for short fat Mexican loss prevention officers name Fred who have a napoleon complex.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Illigal Immigrant Apa
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good night kevin. talk at you tomorrow.


every site that allows k richards to spawn garbage is a joke.

I am telling the truth to these people. Sometimes it hurts thought.


Whatever happened to the walmart comments? Sounds like the freeeks and geeeks that go there in the wee hours of the morning are all on this site.

Pretty lame bunch of ideeots.

Especially that trailer trash pigface k richards. He's the worse jerkkoff on this site.


I tried to circumcise myself with a rusty razor blade I bought from wmart. Not a good idea!!!!!


you know what they say. those who talk about their dix aint got much. it's called compensating for something.


You type really well for someone who has just been, "fixed"


Sheshe I know you and upset at Denny's are the same person so don't play any games. Now that CPS took your child from your home do you beat your wife since you cannot beat her?


spell it right. it's shehe you lame ***.

don't you realize what everyone here is doing to you, you lame ***? we don't like you.

you're a walmart regular customer, aren't you? that explains it.


I am not actually, only a three year old child like yourself would ASSume that because I told the customer they are wrong I shop there often. I posted negative comments to just about idiots that complain for every company.


I'm going to leave you alone now, kevee. I think you had enough for one day.

See you later. Don't pisssssss everyone off too much.


Don't steal watermelons and you won't have an issue.


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