Highmore, South Dakota
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We went to the WalMart in Aberdeen South Dakota to get new tires. When we got home we were short a hub cap.

We called them and they said they had video of us leaving with all four, and they refused to replace it. We have never had any problem with our hub caps before this.

If they had not done a shoddy job of putting them back on I would still have four hub caps. They do not appear to care that the loss was their fault, as long as they did not physically lose the hub cap or "forget" to put it back on they won't assume responsibility.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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First Wal-Mart won't replace the hubcap they lost. As you mentioned they alreadt made up excuses to not replace it.

Since you are not pleased with them, why don't you file a complaint there (fill out one of those papers or give them a bad review on a survey if they have one).

Now for the future, always remove all of your hubcaps when yo take your car in for work (especially if you know the tires wil come off). I learned the hard way on this and my Dad did as well. My hubcaps screw on with plastic caps and the mechanics broke the plastic caps every time.

One time my Dad got his van fixed and they completely lost one of the hubcaps when they were fixing it.

From now on take your hubcaps off before you get work done on your car or you will continue with these experiences. Good Luck.


You get what you pay for when you have auto service done at the same place you buy your toilet paper. If you want good service go to a real auto service center.


Thats baloney that the wal-mart store would have a video of you leaving with 4 hubcaps on, shouldnt they be busier monitoring people trying to lift from them? Even if they do, they didnt place it on properly, probably broke it when taking it off or placing it back on (it's why I hate hubcaps on cars and insist on getting a car with Rims). Hub caps are cheap, I would raise a bit more stink on the matter and have them replace it with the same kind or just give you the 15 dollar credit to buy some of those cheap hubcaps they carry.