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I lost my sony digital camera with some important photographs taken with it in Walmart store -1481,209- lakeshore parkway, Homewood,AL 35209 .I was trying some dresses in the fitting room and forgot to bring my camera from there on 9th sept. 2011 at 18.07 pm.I called over phone and met the store managers time and again but invain.They even if had not the courtesy to call me back once, although I had given them my numbers. my cell number is 919 518 3309 and 205 276 2222.priyadarshi mishra ,e mail-mishra.priyadarshi@gmail.com

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Ten foot pole - anyone got a ten foot pole? Nevermind, ten foot is too close.


Would you like me to call and tell you your camera is gone forever. Why would manager call you unless they found it. Do you want a daily update on camera.


That's your own fault for forgetting it there...I bet someone stole it anyway...It's not Walmart's responsibility because you can't take care of your stuff.


I hope you\'re ready to change your numbers because now that you\'ve put them online, you\'re going to have all sorts of crazy folks calling you.