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I ordered a wicker patio set; two chairs, love seat and coffee table. It was supposed to arrive within in a week.

Three weeks later it was reported lost in transit. Wall Mart accepted no responsibility, blaming the third part shipper "Same Day". Wall mart refused to send me another set, claiming the only thing they could do was refund my money so I could go online and re-order it myself.

That is "garbage", they could certainly arrange another in their inventory to be shipped priority as a courtesy for their mistake. After a month i have no patio furniture, i am still waiting for my refund, and no one has accepted responsibility for the worst case of customer service i have ever experienced

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #821806

In addition to the previous poster, having worked with furniture delivery you cannot ship that stuff priority. It goes to the delivery agent, they then arrange for delivery.

And I have yet to meet a single delivery agent willing to put someone ahead of the line, it's simply too much hassle when you are dealing with trucks that have to be packed just right for maximum load and routes worked out for the most efficient deliveries. I feel for you, it sucks you didn't get something you ordered, just wanted to let you know regarding a reship it would still some in the normal time frame.


You say that Wal-Mart isn't taking responsibility for the lost furniture, yet they are offering to refund your money??? What is the problem?

How do you figure that you have a $500.00 loss? You are getting a refund and can just order another set or go purchase it someplace else. You've lost nothing. What are you complaining about?If you absolutely have to complain then you need to complain to the third-party shipping company and not Wal-Mart.

Once it leaves the warehouse, its out of their hands but yet they are still offering to refund you in full. What more do you want???

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