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So back in Feb I ordered a bicycle from for my niece's birthday. Walmart is one of the easiest things for me being stationed overseas in South Korea because I sent my niece into the store and picked out what she wanted and then she told me.

I ordered and without any word other than an email stating that it had been delayed. Eventually my sister in law called and they told me it had been lost and was now out of stock, best they could do was either refund my money or order something else. This was almost a month later. Now it is July and I ordered a compact fridge for my younger sister getting ready to leave for college.

I am still stationed in South Korea. Went onto and ordered it on June 18, was supposed to arrive no later than the 29th. Finally received an email on the the 3rd stating it had been delayed. I had to call both and the store it was to be shipped to twice.

Which isn't nice considering the 14 hour time difference. After the store finally telling me it wasn't there and getting a hold of someone at they tell me again that it had been lost and was now out of stock.

It is the 7th of July and I wouldn't have known if I had contacted them and pushed about my order. So again had my money for almost a month and best they could do was refund my money, not to mention it will take anywhere for 3-7 business days for me to receive my refund.

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Your entire post drained me

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