Syracuse, New York
Not resolved

Purchased product. I complained online to Walmart and never received response.

The pork chops were Lousy. Poorly butchered with lots of bone fragments throughout each chop. Like eating boney fish with all the shards of bone. Taste of meat was not flavorful.

I used to post feedback and asked for a response from Walmart a few days ago. Seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Walmart does not care to offer customer service to it's customers.

I guess when you are as big as Walmart, they can ignore responding to customers. I recommend that shoppers avoid the Meat department and instead shop t local butchers or regional grocery stores.

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You get what you pay for. You expect them to respond in a few days.

I have news for you they get thousands of complaints everyday. Silly ones such as "they won't allow me to cut in line despite the fact that my husband works in Home Office," or "the greeter is racist because she did not greet me while I was chatting on my cell phone" The world does not revolve around you and you have to be patient quit acting like you are two and wait for a reply.


I don't know about all but our local s-center has no butchers...the store down the road uses butchers every day, much better meat AND way cheaper too. The VERY few times I didn't like something I went straight to the butcher and problem resolved RIGHT THEN!

General knowledge in these parts don't buy your meat at wally world...