Went to Walmart on hwy 49 in Hattiesburg,Ms to find my husband a "dad" ring for his birthday! I walked to the jewlery cabinet and waited for 15 minutes with no one behind the counter!

I asked customer service to page someone and they did! 15 minutes later, I am still standing there waiting on someone to show up. In the meantime, 2 more people lined up behind me and we watched as FIVE employes walked right by us with their phones in their faces nodding "what up"! A girl finally showed up only to tell me cabinets where locked because the keys were left in the main safe and they didn't know the combination and tell the rings only come in size 9 which is complete *** because the other stores had sizes 9 thru 11!

I called the manager and was on hold for 22 minutes only to have this woman prove how *** and rude all their employees are! Then I strod in line for 12 minutes trying to buy 6 items. The store was packed and they had 9 lanes opens while their employees walked around like mindless, zombie like idiots!!!

Pure anger does not even come close to describing my outrage! Avoid this store at all cost!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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wow! Is it at all possible that maybe the so-called mindless zombie like *** employees might have been on their breaks or Lunch?

They might even have been off the clock for the day. Not all stores have sizes 9 thru 11. Mostly just 9. What exactly would you have liked the other employees to do?

They were probably not trained in that area and also had no keys, then you would be complaining about that. Sounds to me that you would have had a complaint any way it went. Ive seen customers who waited no longer than 3 to 5 minutes while another customer was being waited on and they swore up and down it was 30 minutes. You obviously answered your own question/ (complaint)by informing us that the store was packed.

There are not enough associates to wait on each and every single customer that walks thru the door the very minute they step inside the building. Wait you turn like everybody else, you are no better than anyone else!


Find the guys WALKING AROUND in the SUITS talking!! They are the managers and are useless.

page one and they WILL NOT COME!! Walmart and SERVICE shouldn't be put in the SAME SENTENCE!!


Walmart does not train its employees it throws them in a department and tells them to work. Customer service is not one of their best suits.

They rely on low pricing by wedging manufacturers to submit to their practices. Bullying is a way of life for them.

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