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Hwy 29 in Greensboro, NC in the WMart store, there is a sign that states "if this cashier does not meet your needs please call***." This sign is over the 20 items or less isle as customers consistantly bring 40 and 50 itmes to the isle. The cashiers are very tolorable and continue to provide great service.

This however shows me that WMart is not sincerely concerned about their employees. If you want loyal employees you must be a loyal employer! This sign gives the public permission to disrespect your store, employees and other customers! This needs to change!

Is there a number that your employees can call when they are mistreated? This kind of action by your company continues to bring negative light to your business ethics.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Phu Phan, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #211125

WalMart doesn't give a rats behind about their employees. They cut their hours constantly, a full time employee could go from getting 40 hrs.

a week to 28 hrs. a week in a matter of no time, they make them take 3 days off when there is a paid holiday and they even have a cap on pay. You get a raise there based on your level, say if you are making $13.00 an hour and you are a level 3, well when your yearly evaluation comes around you get no raise, they will tell you that you have met your cap for that level and that if you want a raise next year then you better move up to a level 4 where the cap is I believe 14 something. The max you can make at WalMart is $18.00 an hour, that's it, no matter if you've been there 25 years.

Unless of course you go on to become a store manager. They expect their employees to kill themselves doing jobs that require several people to do and it goes unappreciated. Luckily I don't work for them someone I know does and not to long ago they held a meeting and told everyone to be catious to what they write on Facebook or any other site, because if something negative is seen on your page about Walmart and you work for them, then you can and will lose your job. I think that is BS...

not only do they control you for 8 (most of the time less) hours a day, now they want to control your free time and take away your free speech. They also have it now where they post schedules on a board in their back hallways but also have an online schedule for you to check, well you better own a computer because if it just so happens you don't well your screwed because they will change your schedule on the computer but not on the board and if you don't show at the right time or not at all because you thought you were off then your S.O.L you will be in trouble and possibly fired. They also no longer hire anyone in at full time, everyone is part time but work full time hours... that cuts down on having to give benefits.

I keep waiting to hear that something is fixing to go down with Walmart, I think it's only a matter of time until someone gets the right attorney and finds something somewhere that Walmart didn't cover up all that good and it takes them off their high horse. Sam Walton has probably rolled in his grave many times.

He cared about his employees, he knew if it weren't for them he wouldn't have that store up and running. Just remember when you go in Walmart and a employee seems a little unhappy, not rude like some can be, just think of the *** they've probably been going through to earn that paycheck.


Walmart does not care about it's employees. They have cut their work force and you better be able to work the work of two to three people.

And trust? There is none. The new thing, in my area anyway, is new hires are actualy undercovers to watch the associates, plus new badges with rfd chips, so they know where everyone is at all times.

Have a friend who quit when she found this out. Unbelievable but true.

Szarvas, Bekes, Hungary #207741

I boycott Walmart by not shopping there! What an awful store.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #207575

I worked for Walmart when I was in high school. No, they don't care about their employees.

The stories about making employees clock out and go back to work are true. Walmart cares about money and nothing more.

Nevermind that the employees who get paid chicken scratch are getting sick due to being overworked and stressed out. Walmart is the devil.

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