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I was in Burlington Washington going to the store that was open 24 hours and service was horrible I couldn't get help to get merchandise I waited 20 minutes finally seeing someone and they told me I had to wait till they open could nobody help me I called multiple times to customer service everytime I talk to someone they told me I would get a call back after that I never got a call back I called today and they told me the case was closed. I told him how could the case be closed if nobody never talk to me after multiple times me calling somebody said they'll give me a call back they said my call did not matter. I called customer service today and the so-called manager that help me wasn't so helpful as I was talking she was very disrespectful what let me talk talk over me told me I had to be quiet she was supposed to talk and told me she couldn't help me if I wouldn't stop talking now I know myself that customer service is supposed to listen to the person is finish about what's going on then they should be able to talk not over talk you and belittle you and tell you they can't help you so case in point don't go to Walmart don't even buy stuff have a great day.Go to Target go to Grocery Outlet go everywhere else because Walmart don't care about calling their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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