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Y'all are making it easy for people to steal,by not checking id when someone write a check that needs tobe stop asap my sister stole a check book n passesd 28,000 worth n took stuff back n got cash she got busted n going to prision that's her fault.66 checks all between 400.to 600 each....my point is if checkers would ask for id on any amount and espically that amount needs manger approve it would stop peple stealing from walmartt n people hope to see a change in your check passing or law needs tobe if y'all let a. Stolen checks pass so easy the custumor can suie y'all jus sayin u need to change ur policy asap

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people still write checks?


Holy run on sentences batman


Genius(a/k/a CaptainObvious):

You call the original complaint a ... "sentence"?

Brilliant observation. lol


but on the other hand if you refuse to show id they can refuse the purchase but I do like the idea that walmart is the one that is out the amount of a purchase when a purchase has been made with a stolen card or check... :grin :grin haha walmart wonder how many thousands your stores lose as a result of not checking id. :grin


Customers have a right to refuse showing I.D. when it comes to credit cards.

In fact, people who place "See I.D" or "Check I.D." are failing to comply to their credit card company's terms of contract. Therefore, the employee should really be denying the customer use of that card, and request they use a valid form of tender.


Just as Anonymous stated failure to check id is exactly why identity theft is on the rise. Personally I take comfort in the fact that the businesses are the ones that suffer the financial loss. Oh well...they can't complain about not getting raises.


Employees are not permitted to ask for Id unless the system calls for it


It is true that businesses that cash stolen checks are left to eat the loss. I personally never complain when ask for identification it is part of helping to protect consumers.


People should never had a problem with cashiers asking for id when writing a check or using a credit card. With all of the id theft that causes havoc on peoples lives its a simple request.

Anyone that complains has never been a victim of id theft, check or credit card fraud. I write check id on the back of all my credit cards instead of signing it, and yet cashiers rarely if ever ask for my id. I do not put my drivers license number, phone number or anything but name and address on my checks so they have to ask for an id to put the drivers license number on it sometimes they do sometimes they don't. The victim of the check theft was NOT responsible for the financial loss to the businesses that accepted the checks without proper id.

The businesses are the ones that are out 28,000 not the person that had their checks stolen. PS my IQ made it simple for me to read your review poor illiterate Katie.


Please learn to write a proper review. I had too much trouble reading your review.


You might be making a point, but do you know how many people get angry when asked for their IDs? WalMart does check IDs randomly, when prompted by their Telecheck prompter.

Apparently there wasn't anything on the other person's checking account that indicated there was a problem.

I have a friend whose adult daughter did that several years ago only it was in a KMart, and she ended up serving time in the women's prison and at that time, anytime she had to leave the site for one reason or another, she had to be strip searched when she returned. She still hasn't learned her lesson, because she still tries to get away with various things, but so far it hasn't been anything that has got her caught.