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My son's eleventh birthday was on January 2. I had bought him gifts well in advance. However reciently he has been disobeying me. I just found out that he was friends with a black boy. He knows I would not approve of this friendship and was friends with him behind my back. Then On December 26th I asked him to go tell his dad that he did not want to spend the holidays with him. The deal was that I spend Christmas with my children and up to New Years they spend time with their father. Being the oldest he can influence my daughter to do the same.

Because of his misbehavior, being friends with no good thugs,(sorry if I sound racist but unfortunately it is true) and not obeying me when I told him to cancel spending his holidays with his father I wanted to discipline him. So I bough him gifts for his birthday. My boyfriend also made several purchases because I asked him to get a few things because I was busy.

Anyways to make a wrong story short, because of his misbehavor I made him open his birthday gifts to show him what he would have gotton if he had behaved. I told him that he would not be allowed to keep the gifts because he has been a very bad disobedient boy. Then I told him to get in the car and we were going to return all the gifts which I purchased for him.(I cancelled his party because he was bad.) I waited an extra long time at the desk. Apparently the cheap Jews that shop at your store were trying to make a quick buck by returning all their friend's Christmas gifts without a receipt.(There were some blacks and hispanics here as well). The wait took 45 minutes. I knew that I had no receipt however I though they all know how much money I make so they would know that I am not stealing.

Finally it was my turn. I explained the situation. That I had no receipt. I did not lose the receipt, my son stole it so that I would not be able to return the birthday gifts. He keeps denying this saying I lost the gifts and I know that he is lying. (This got him grounded from seeing his father other activities until he returns the receipt) Despite the fact that I am a registered nurse I was told that without a receipt that I could not return the presents. I explained that my son was being punished and I was trying to make him see what I could have given him if he had behaved himself. They still refused. They allowed me three items only.

Luckily I had one receipt. This was from what my boyfriend had bought when my son was being a decent human being. He had apparently bought this on is credit card. I had his credit card with me. They told me that I could not return the gifts from his credit card because the names are not the same. She acted like I had stolen the credit card. I mean if I was black and she thought this I could understand, however I am a white registered nurse and would never steal. To top it off I wanted this cashier to make an announcement to have everyone come over and look at my son and make a page that he had stolen my receipt. I wanted everyone in the store to know what a crook he is, she refused to make a page. She treated me like a criminal and bad parent. I just wanted people to know what kind of kid my son was reciently.

I know my son stole the receipt. I guess hanging with blacks made him a criminal since this sort of thing never happened before.

To make it worse, when I explained this situation to my boyfriend we had a big fight. He expected me to return the money which he used for buying my son his birthday gift since my son got a hold of this second receipt and stole it again.(hanging with blacks is really making him like one of them.) My boyfriend wanted me to give him the money back saying he that if my son can't enjoy the gift he wants his money back.(these gifts were from the both of us so he had no right asking for the money back.) I refused to give him back the money since it was my son who stole the receipt. If you had accepted my returns on his credit card this would never have happened. Now we have broken up, and it is all thanks to you and my son. I told my son that it was all his fault that we broke up and that I got divorced from his father.

I think that for the inconvience that you have caused and for undermining my parent I could get a gift card plus the amount of money returned for the rest of the gifts which my no good son does not deserve and for the gifts which my boyfriend got. Since he bought the gifts for my son the money for those gifts no longer belongs to that low life and now belongs to me. Also I want that no good return desk employee fired. I make more money in a month than she makes in two years and she has no right to treat me like I am equal to her. Infact up to the time when she started to get smart with me I treated her as my equal even though she makes much less in a year than I make in a day.

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Is Dr. Phil near by? This lady needs help.


Yooooouuuu Hoooooooooo BOYS!!!!! ITS ME!!!!!!


"to make a wrong story short" - looool! but still somewhat unsettling. you should write those kinds of stories for a living, you might make even more than 90k a year.


*** ***


Obvious troll is obvious, and yet so many are biting.


First off, children are a reflection of the parents.

Secondly woman, you are one messed up individual. If any of this was true, you are obviously the one to blame.


NURSES BE CRAZY BETCHES! :upset :eek :sigh :( :x :zzz :?


I can see this happening at the Walmart in Graham, Texas :cry


I know ALOT of RN's that are A..Ho..s so this kind of thing does not surprise me but it does sound a little made up to me.


I was shocked to read this. This is a migrant country, remember?!

As Weston stated, move on with the rest of us.

You believe in unjust stereotypes. I suggest you attempt to believe every person is a human being.


Is this woman for real?! What and ***!

*** parent, I weep for your children. God bless the poor unfortunate people who deal with the likes of you... you ignorant, small minded, backwoods, uneducated creaton! Sounds like the world would be better off you would cease to reproduce, please.

We don't need any more biggots of any race, color or creed. (I'm white and completely humiliated by you!)


Get a life. No one is buying your ***.


This Lady makes me sick to my stomach, I feel sorry for the kid. It's no wonder the husband left. Get some help lady, people like you are the true trash of this great country.


Wow! This lady needs extreme help!

First of all it is not right to say that a child is bad, it is their behavior that is bad!! Your poor child will have problems and you have nobody else to blame but yourself for that!!! :( Why can't you own up to your own mistakes and face them like a REAl woman would!

You have nobody to blame for you actions but yourself! May the Lord have mercy on your soul!


This *** is soooo fake it is pathetic no one this mental and as much of a biggot could hold down a nursing career or ever be competent enough to even become a nurse in the first place!!! This is someones pathetic bid for attention! whoever you are get a life better yet GET HELP!!!


Wow...i hope this is all made up....i feel sorry for the kid.. :(


This woman is a nutcase. A) She's too *** to be a nurse.

B) She's too ignorant to retain a job pulling down 90k. C) She acts like trash because she is trash. It doesn't matter what her job is or how much she makes, trash is trash. D) She's a racist cow.

Please try to join the rest of us in the 21st century, your 19th century mindset shouldn't be passed to your children. E) Please quit reproducing, pretty please.


o my please tell me what i just read was not for real. I really don't think i have ever met anyone who is as *** as this sounds. I have been in the food service for 30yrs and pray that woman does not show up here


I am hispanic. My father is white and my mother is Mexican.

And it's people like you who disgust me. I've never even thought of stealing and I never could.

And if you take a good honest look at the world today, it's white trash like you that do all the stealing, create all the problems, and are becoming the hassle. I pity your poor child for having a mother like you.


Is this lady for real?! Does she honestly think Walmart or anyone for that matter would take her seriously? Lord my dog spells better than she does and she's a nurse?