Las Vegas, Nevada
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I will admit I was wrong okay. I admit to shoplifting from your store.

That is not the issue here. The issue is that I was planning on shopping at your store and going to work which is a five minute drive from your store. I was caught by your LP and I was taken to the back of the store. I plead with them to let me go and that they can have my information.

I even offered to pay for the items I stole. I told them I had to get to work in half an hour and that I will give them personal information so if they want to press charges they can do so later on. They did not seem to care that I had a job to go to. They took their own sweet time.

I apologized to them. They told me I had to wait until the police arrived. I told them I understand that I did wrong and that I would return later. I had given them personal information so if I bail on them they would know how to contact me.

But no they would not let me go, it took an hour for the police to arrive and I was 80 minutes late for my job. They told me that I was banned from the store for a year. Well with your cruel and inconsiderate attitude I won't be back even after my year is up. I was 80 minutes late for the job because they held me against my will, which is illegal, it is kidnapping.

I even promised I would face the consequences later on, but I had a job to go to.

But they still held me for over an hour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are lucky you didn't go to jail you ***. Complain about doing their job preventing filth like you from stealing lol. And if I were your employer and knew you were late from stealing from another company I'd fire your ***.


You are an *** for complaining


You all know this is made up right???


That is insane, why would you complaint?


This is the internet.




Well you know what the solution is don't you. Next time don't get caught..

Um my bad I mean don't steal and you won't have an issue. I think the cops have priorities to respond to, lie if there was a triple homicide it is more urgent than your stealing five dollars wroth of items.


Worth, and like, my bad. Just want to correct myself before Kevin corrects me.