San Antonio, Texas

I worked at a Wal-Mart in MT and you'd have to see it to believe it. They actually allowed a woman to come in, double her fist and knock another woman out to get the last VCR on sale!

Walk out and no one said a word. It's just the norm there. They worked us like dogs, and I'm used to very hard work! I'll never forget that experience!

People actually tore diaper pkgs open and changed baby's XXXXX diaper right in front of everyone and walk out. I saw things from the management that would boggle the mind. Some of the things employees had to do was insane!

Never again!! W M cares nothing for their employees!

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In response to Susan...I used to work at a WalMart in southern California...this quite..large woman came through with a huge thing of firewood, lifted it up onto the belt just fine, even though I told her I could come around and scan it for her. So, I scanned it and waited for her to take it off, but she didn't, then proceeded to totally flip out on me for not lifting it myself...mind you, I'm 5 feet tall and 95 lbs, so I wasn't able.

I was very calm and told her I'd call someone to help but no one came (not my fault), so she started yelling at me again demanding that I move it.

I showed her that I was unable to do so, by attempting to move it, and she was yelling at me, calling me names, telling me I shouldn't be in customer service because I'm very unfriendly(any of my coworkers and anyone else who knows me would say otherwise), and then she just walked off to find my manager, and yelled at him, demanding that he fire me. I felt about ready to cry but the customer behind that lady said she'd talk to the manager for me.



Walmart hires mentally challenged/elderly people because everyone would complain that they're being discriminatory & try suing them if they didn't.


Your a ***

Stephanie D

My brother became employeed at WM when he was 16 and was there for a little over a year. They promised they would work with his school schedule and activities schedules.

He had a car payment, missed one day from being ill. he was given two days off a week and twice requested that his two days for a two week period be together so he could visit family. He made sure this was during regular times of the year, not spring break or holidays. He was given the days off, after much hassle but was still scheduled for his other two days for each week,and upon return found the schedule changed to give him aoubt 3 hours of work a night.

He would go in, (a 45 min drive each way) to find out his schedule was changed and no one bothered to call. He had to quit football even though he was told if he provided a schedule at the start of the season they would work around it, but he would always be scheduled and they would give the night off, but he had to pay for it in the way he would be treated. He received 2 raises and held several positions, passed the mgt. test when he was 16 so he would be prepared by the time he was 18.

had never been written up. a month ago my parents received a call from police. my brother had been arrested and walked out of wm in handcuffs for stealing. they said he had been doing it for months.

parents took him home,(he is a juvenile) took him home with marks from handcuffs, embarassed, and the mgt had belittled him and conned him into signing a statement...a juvenile with no representative present. They have no proof on camera. no one complained. He obviously lost his job.

The kicker??

A week before he had complained about a manager. We have heard nothing more of the accusations or nothing from juvinile authorites....


I use to shop at Walmart, but hated every minute of it. I visit the Ashland, OH one and it is horrible.

I don't mean to sound rude, but they hire some of the physically challenged and metally challenged people that have no idea what is going on. When I go in the doors the "greeter" which is an elderly gentleman that can't stand so he is sitting in a corner...won't even say anything to anyone. The cashiers have refused to lift cases of pop off of their belt and have demanded that I do it. Their carts are always over-flowing in the lot, and I see the workers standing to the side of the building smoking.

I had to run into the store the other day for something and seen a male worker messing around in the female dressing rooms! I have always hated Walmart because of their ethics...and now I hate Walmart even more because of their inability to hire compitant workers.


I have had people change diapers at mine too. I also don't like it when you are covering four departments and trying your best to help people and they say you aren't being helpful and they start demeaning you or they become verbally abusive.

But when customers start verbally abusing you, no managers show up. I have been sworn at several times, customers have brought me to tears.


A family member of mine just got a job at Walmart,he has lived in the US most of his life, but he is an immigrant. Well he was so looking forward to working with the economy being so bad, his family needed the money badly.

His first night was terrible, the manager had an attitude, and worked him to death, he punched back in from lunch 3 minutes early and they were going to fire him over it! Why hire someone if your going to fire them the first day? Then the following week, the mamnager calls him into his office and proceeds to start the conversation I am *** sick and tired! And the employee stoped him at that and said hes *** sick of being discriminated against, the manager "oh you think your an immigrant?" Well the employee thought he was going to be fired, but he spoke up and stood up for himself, what kind of people does Walmart put in charge of their stores?

To be so terrible and rude to their employees? This is not the first time I have heard of this, this guy needs his job, buit at this rate it may not last.

Walmart bullies their employees! What is the point in that?

I will never apply for a job there!


wow that really sucks man


I worked at this hole also and walmart should be # 1 for worst employers top10 worst employers list ....believe it


I was just filling out an application at Wal-Mart. If I get hired some muth*****s are going to be getting them feelings hurt.