I was shopping at your Gurnee, Ill. store.

I was second in a line, when a lady in front proceeded to use your match their price on about 20 items, including weighted product. Well 30 minutes later I finally checked out. I told the assistant manager of this store they owed me something off my purchase for such a long wait, Target has $3 off coupons for delaying customers. He informed me that Walmart doesn't do that.

Well if you want to have a match their price guarantee and delay customers, I'll shop elsewhere. Here's a idea, why not just lower your prices and get rid of your price guarantee, the lines will move alot faster.

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What a whiny, entitled, sniveling ***. It's Walmart for krist sake, sheesh, get over it.

I bet you spent more time here on line re-living the entire incident just fishing for sympathy. UHG


30 minutes is actually quite short compared to how long I have stood in lines at Wally World.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #708865

Lower their prices more and kill more businesses, you are such an ***

Dayton, Ohio, United States #707770

The problem I find at our WalMart stores are there are never enough cash register lines open. Many times I can go in there and find 2 or 3 registers open and people standing in line forever.

No exaggeration. I can go down the street to Meijer and find grocery items on sale cheaper and better made clothes. I can go into Meijer at 2:00AM and they will have 8 self serve checkouts open and another full service lane.

I don't do price match unless I have to. The company that pays for the advertising should reap the reward of my business.


In those cases, I will either go to another cash register or leave the store. If I leave the store, I will better ensure to apologize to the cashier and blame the customer in front.

Whether it's price matching, 10+transaction customers, or *insert tedious/delicate here*, there will often be customers who make me or others wait much longer than a normal transaction should. Straight forward policies so simple to follow, yet people just have to loop through and around to make things difficult.

I would never blame the store. Besides, "But the other store does it!" is a child's answer.

"But mommy, it's not fair. That kid got to go to the concert!"

How exactly was that the stores fault??? Nobody made you wait in line for 30 minutes, you could just as easily went to another cashier to check out.

The customer in front of you chose to do all those price matches so please enlighten me on why walmart owes you for your wait? As far as what Target does with its $3.00 coupons for delays, Im sure that is if the delay was caused by the store itself and not other customers. Stop trying to get something for nothing. Hey heres an idea...shop at Target and be their problem!

Then you can really rack up on those $3.00 coupons you feel your so entitled to!

Walmart won't miss you. :roll
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #706740

Did the lady have ads from other stores. At my WalMart that is the only way they do price match.

People have to bring the ad in so that the cashier can verify it. As a whole WalMart prices are lower than the other stores, other than when the competitor has items on sale for less than the price that WalMart has the same item for. Nine times out of ten, the only thing I find cheaper at competitors is the Pepsi products.

I find Target prices to be higher priced than WalMart, other than some of the items that they have in their ads. Couldn't you have switched to another checkout?

to anonymous Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #707189

Hey Amherst. Leave Sioux Falls alone.

Usually there is some wisdom in the comments. You may learn something

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