My name is T.d. I called months ago and talked to customer service and told them everything that I had problems with from Sedalia Missouri Walmart .

I bought a double case of pedigree pureed soft canned dog food. Well it turned out that the case had to have been dropped and 4 cans on the bottom of the case had split open a little bit but I didn't notice that because those double cases are wrapped all the way up. So I get home and I feed my dog the top first layer of cans within the first week, then when the 2nd layer of cans were ready to be opened, I personally stuck my finger down through the plastic to open the package to get a can and when I stuck my finger in there thru the plastic, I felt straight slimy gushy stuff and I looked down and it was MAGGOTS and when I yanked my finger out of it and was screaming and gagging, I sliced my finger in the process. My finger was fine but touching and just seeing 4 cans of dog food full of maggots swerming every where it ABSOLUTELY GROSSED ME OUT AND I WAS IN SHOCK BECAUSE IT WAS SO SO GROSS I COULDN'T STOP SCREAMING AND I FELT SO NASTY AS IF MAGGOTS WERE ALL OVER ME AND ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

It's crazy that the only place I shop at is Walmart and it's a shame something like that happened. I would like someone to contact me so I can get reimbursed for the dog food plus maybe some extra for the suffering I had to go through?

Location: Sedalia, Missouri

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