I was shopping at the highland walmart store at 1:30pm April 26 and brought in a flier from buccheit that had a sale on miricle grow. Manager wouldn't honor it.

Said it had to be a missprint. I said you have the flier there so I guess you lie about matching prices. She just said she couldn't honor it. She had scanned $89 worth of groceries so I told the cashier she could have them back.

*** on Walmart. There are other places to shop it that is the way you do business. I use to be a loyal customer

I went to Rural King and they honored it.

Shame on you. Bad business!!!!!!

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Walmart hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


That's odd....there wasn't any miracle grow listed in their flyer. Probably leaving some information out of your sad sad tale of woe?