Clementon, New Jersey
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A personalized mother's ring was purchased at Cherry Hill, NJ Walmart on 05/09/09. A stone fell out of the ring.

The ring was taken into Walmart for repair late August early September 2010. The associate took the ring and said that we would be notified when the ring is ready. Three months later, we hadn't heard anything from Walmart so we went into the store to inquire about the repair of the ring. The associates/management of the jewelery department are being of no help and are not offering any resolution to this issue.

I was told that it would take too long to review any video for that time frame and unless we could find the customer receipt for the repair, there is nothing that could be done. I find this unacceptable and I feel that the management/associate should be more aggressive about pleasing the customer instead of worrying about how long it will take to rectify the problem.

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not only that lying is bad, it was probably only a $1 mood ring she lost anyway which she tried to get $200 from.


You are ridiculous. You probably did try to scam them.

How can you forget your husband picked up and then it fell behind the dresser? Seems to me like it's all pretty clear that you knew where it was if you "forgot" it fell. If you didn't know your husband picked the ring up then how did you know it fell behind the dresser?

Race has nothing to do with it.

Lying and trying to get away with stealing is the issue. I hope they do press charges.


Nevermind this letter. Please have it removed.

I forgot they repaired the ring a month later and then it fell behind my dresser. It was my husband who went to pick it up, and not the store is threatening to have me charged with fraud because I asked for a $200 gift card to replace the ring. They think I lost the ring on purpose because I am black. Well they did not say that but they think I am trying to scam them.

It is my husband's fault he did not tell me he picked up the ring. Now they think I purpoesly lied about them losing the ring.