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I went to Wal-Mart to purchase a few things, I went to self check-out the associate came over and asked me if I purchased a picture frame I said no this Item is a decorative birdcage, she went over and checked the price it had rung up as $5.88 and it really was $14.88 the wrong tag was on the merchandise someone had put another price tag over the original, I sad fine and I paid for it at the correct price, I forgot to get my receipt, The associate told me since I already paid the uncorrected price and totaled out the sale I would need to go to Customer Service and get my refund for $5.88 so I did I took the receipt and ask for my refund, immediately they ask to see the receipt for the Birdcage, I looked in my purse and I did not have if so an associate went back over to self check and the associate told her their was no receipt, then I was told if I could not produce proof that I paid for the birdcage I was not leaving the store or getting my refund, they were all very rude to me accusing me of not paying for the birdcage, I was really mad at this point so they called the manager, she also told me unless you get the receipt you are not leaving the store with the bird cage she was very nasty to me, I explained once again I did not have my receipt I must have left it at the register, they went back the associate had gone on a break, finally the manager took my first receipt and looked up on her computer and found that I had paid for the birdcage so I was handed my refund, I was not apologized to, I was treated like a shoplifter which Iam not and I did not appreciate being treated like one, I did nothing wrong but I was accused of it, If someone puts the wrong price or the wrong tag on an item that has nothing to do with me, I do not steel I have been shopping at Wal-Mart in Pahrump NV since 2010, never have I been treated this way I find the wrong prices on things all the time, and I report it, I also see people shoplifting and I have reported it I was owed an apology, by everyone involved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Train you employees not to treat customers like they are steeling.

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Call 1-800-Walmart immediately, I worked there and that’s NOT policy. They CAN NOT accuse you of stealing and force you to stay in the store.

AP trained employees can only ask for you to come back with them and you can make that choice for yourself. If they wrongly stop someone they are almost always fired (bad PR and a Huge legal liability). Even if they were handling a different situation with someone who is actually stealing, they still can’t treat the person like that.

Call the corporate number and give names. That’s ridiculous.


It doesn’t matter how you were behaving, we were trained to be polite to every customer. And in cases like yours, they could have checked cameras if they wanted to be that ridiculous


They manager of the store should profusely apologize to you and should deliver a brand new real nice bird cage from a pet store to your home at no cost to you. It is an outrage that they treated you so poorly.

Maybe Wal-Mart should just go back to having Cashiers ringing up everybody like they used to. And they should make sure that they have all the registers open so that people don't have to wait in real long lines like they are infamously known for.

And they should have strictly enforced express lanes so that someone buying a quart of milk doesn't have to wait behind someone buying a full shopping cart full of groceries. And bring back the store greeters too, only this time don't have them checking your receipt at the door to make sure that you didn't steal any of the $300 Plus worth of groceries you just bought.


"I do not steel" or spell -- steal!


Yeah with me I was returning a battery. They looked up warranty and the warranty document said I was covered.

Manager missing in action. Assistant manager said I dont know what to do.. I insisted that I get the new battery and just excercise the policy she provided me in writing. Instead refused and called the Sherriff outside to come in because she felt insulted..

crazy but tru but also sad... similiar with you, they made me feel like I was the bad person


People don't call for a deputy because they're insulted, they call them in because you're being a fool and they don't want to deal with a psycho. No one can make a well developed adult feel like anything. You were probably acting like a bad person who needed a cop to keep under control...


So you don’t have a receipt and yet expect a refund? Even in Pahrump that won’t fly and YOU KNOW THIS!!

You were TOLD that if you couldnt produce the receipt then you wouldn’t be walking out with it. That’s NOT RUDE!! You looked like a thief by trying to get a refund WITHOUT PROOF OF PURCHASE!!! So how can you blame THEM when you failed to provide proof of purchase?

YOU SCREWED UP! What’s frightening is that YOU expect that a business is going to give you ANY refund on your word alone. Old and dumb is STILL DUMB!! Here’s a idea.

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!! All of this could have been avoided completely had you waited five seconds for the receipt to print out. You KNOW that they check receipts on the way out and yet you STILL forgot your receipt. You claim they are rude yet YOU INSTIGATED the situation.

Let me guess, you were 100% polite and they were slobbering monsters. Get real methuselah!

You KNOW they were not, just as you KNOW you were in the wrong to make a issue out of the issue YOU STARTED! At what point do you accept the responsibility of being a consumer?


I can relate as I have also have been treated like a criminal and disrespected at a Walmart for something that was clearly their fault.