Placed an online order and was expecting my order at 2:11 PM. I was guaranteed my 3 agents at three different times that I will receive my order.

Its now 6 PM and the manger accused me of cancelling my order then said its out of his hands. He transferred me to another Manager that said , reorder is the best thing to do! I explained that Ive been charged already for the other order and that my 11 year old has no food! I asked why did I wait on hold for 25 minutes and Im still I.

The same situation... he hung up!!!!!! Sad. I spend hundreds of dollars weekly!

Imma Pasror and I have helped so many people through Walmart. Its so wrong!

Im so disappointed! Ill be cancelling my app, and my credit card with Walmart as soon as I get my refund!!!!

User's recommendation: Try Kroger! Run as fast as you can!!

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: I got riped off still waiting for my refund.

Walmart Cons: Poor attitude and policy, Unprofessional management.

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Walmart is defiantly going down hill. I think it's all the Chinese junk they sell. Boycott Wally Mart

@David L

And yet you're practically begging to shop there. What does that say about you as a "man" when you keep coming back for more "abuse?" Shop somewhere else...Problem solved....You're welcome... So, what does your mate do while you're wasting time whining about Walmart?


Not begging to shop there, I would like Walmart to follow laws. I have many options where to shop.

It's funny how you guys payed to combat negative comments have to resort to insults.

Must be hard times for you to have to work for such a communist corporation. Good luck with you job..

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