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I am a frequent shopper at Walmart, my husband and I were looking at some Potting soil in the parking lot section that is blocked off for all the spring garden supply's, a nice gentleman that worked for Walmart came to us and said to purchase the soil take a bag into the store and let the cashier ring us up for as many bags as we want with that one bag then he went and got us a cart to load the bag of soil on and said he would help us load all of it, we took the cart inside the store with the one bag of was kinda far from the parking lot to the cash register... when we got to the register the nursery Manager" Sean" approached us to help us....I ask him if I could leave the cart with the soil in it in the corner while I ran into the grocery section to purchase a few items Sean said in a hateful tone well he preferred not that I was suppose to get the name of the product and not bring it into the store that they had the SKU # there at the register...I told Sean that the man outside that was helping us said to bring one bag with us...he said what man describe him to me im going to have to have a talk with him he wasn't suppose to tell you that...

Sean's tone was angry and upset me very much...I hurried and got my few items from the grocery section and went to the register to purchase my soil and other items when I walked out the door the nice man apologized to me and said he gave me the wrong while I was shopping Sean got on to this nice gentleman who was trying to help me...I was so upset at the words and tone of Sean I was still upset when I got home...In short Sean is an *** and I will not purchase anything from his department again!!! The Walmart store address is 9101 N.

Tarrant Pkwy. North Richland Hills Tx.76182 I only got Sean's first name because the lady I ask that worked there didn't know what his last name was

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Hateful Mananger.

Preferred solution: Get rid of Sean he is hateful or needs an attitude adjustment.

Walmart Cons: Rude department manager.

  • employee rude
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So because someone DID THEIR JOB, you feel its nessasary to write a complaint OVER NOTHING???? What kind of child are YOU???

Perhaps YOUR self entitlment doesnt allow YOU to understand that their processes are there FOR A REASON!!!! What if YOU or your husband went nuts and started flinging potting soil everywhere? What if putting it in your cart YOU accidentally tear open the bag and spill DIRT all over a GROCERY STORE?? The supervisor DID THEIR JOB CORRECTLY!!!

Who are YOU to put YOUR two cents in at ANY POINT?? It didnt concern YOU in ANY WAY but YOU THINK you have some right to interfer in THEIR business.

Im betting that if YOU did indeed see someone spilling DIRT all over wally world YOU would THEN have something to say. Petey Parrot needs to keep her beak in HER business and NOT something that YOU have NOTHING TO DO WITH!!!



you must be a Walmart complaint about my complaint is non of your MR. ANONYMOUS have no idea you didn't hear this managers tone it was very unprofessional for him to tell us what he was going to do to his employee especially in the tone of voice he used and to get on to me like he did made me feel bad for asking if I could set the soil aside until I returned...

in my opinion it was my business to put my 2 cents in when he told me what he was going to do to his employee in the angry tone he used, the said employee apologized to me as I was leaving the store I did not need an apology from him he did nothing wrong in my opinion he was an extremely nice man. As far as spilling soil all through Walmart there is other products all throughout the store that can be spilled also, and yes I know that it would have been that managers responsibility to have it cleaned up...You MR ANONYMOUS are a waste of my time I don't even know why I am even trying to explain myself to you...


It was seams job as the dept manager to get on to his employees for being the wrong, if you don't like it then don't shop there, they definitely won't miss your entitled bi**h a $$.


Oh I will take my money elsewhere I am not going to be treated or watch others be abused by a store manager!!!


I think I spelled the managers name wrong on my complaint it could be Shawn not Sean my review # is 1020910 I didn't find a place so I could review it