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While in the Zion, Ill. Walmart store The Manager (According to His Name Plate) Stuck out His foot On Purppose and Tripped My Legally -BLIND Friend right in front of me Then Laughed about it with another Employee.

Some one should Notify the Main Office of this !! Only so far I have not seen the way of Calling or Contacting the Main office of the Ethic's" of the Zion ILLINOIS Store and it's "Manager's and Co-Managers. Are these the Same "ETHIC'S" of All Walmart Employees?

If so I will Never again shop at Walmart stores and will Help My Friend to find a Lawyer ! Sincerely, Roger Jackson.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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you hate Walmart because of one loser that works there? and I think this story might be fake. if it isn't, I don't understand what kind of area they live in.


So because of one *** you are boycotting a whole company? There are *** and *** in every company.

A Target worker and his brother were convicted of attempted murder and battery of a ten year old boy.

Does this mean you judge all of Target based on one employee? You will get people like this everywhere.


If you don't have the police come out right away walmart will delete the tapes before the police get them.


The blind man was probably stealing pens and the manager was tired of it.


If what you claim is true, you should contact the police and file an assault complaint. WalMart has cameras and it may be on tape. The police can review the tape.