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I am so tired of walmart! I went to put bikes on layaway for my kids and when we went to the line, there was 1 woman in front of us, they never said we will be with you in a moment or any kind of recognition that were waiting.

So, after 20 minutes of waiting behind this woman me and my husband were looking out at stuff in the store and talking amongst ourselves when we hear, HELLLLOOOO!, HELLLOOOO! We turn to see the 2 guys staring is us in annoyance, 1 of whom was the assistant manager and the other customer service manager! and they were so rude! and then we pay for our layaway and no thank you or anything.

Walmart is the worst for customer service! Cashiers take forever to ring people up even when there is a line of 50 people....its like they just dont care!

you cannot find anything in the store and cannot find anyone to ask and if you do they never know where it is either. Walmart is the devil of corporations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Basically you lied on here twice so your word is mud. None believes you.

Also no one was rude to you. If you don't pay attention to the first time someone addresses you they will get loud. A third lie. You are a poor role model for your child.

Seems your husband is the same. I fear what their future is like. Their mother lying, both parents thinking the world revolves around them.

Harassing cashiers for being "slow" Harassing people for not knowing where each and every 10,000 items are. You think you are perfect but you are far from perfect.


Honey no one believes you were "hacked". You just made posts you regret making. Even if all those posts were hacked, your behavior was still very poor. Someone else stated the reason that they said hello to you loudly is because you were too distracted to know you were being addressed the first time. Then you complain you had to wait 20 minutes. The customer was before you. They are not lazy because they are serving the customer before you. Like someone stated you are not the center of the universe.

As for them not knowing where each and every product is I agree with the other posters they are not required to know where each and every of the 10,000 products they sell. As for the cashiers being slow, you have to respect that not everyone is as fast and great as you. If you are impatient shop elsewhere where you have to pay more. You need to grow up a little and stop acting like a child.

Also I doubt there actually are 50 people in line at any given time. That is a lie. Also since you did not mention that you were too distracted to realize you were next that you are not being honest about the nasty comments you posted.

I think you made some rude posts, regretted making them and are claiming you were hacked. If you were hacked the IP address would not be the same.


My manager used to always say, "Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?" The poster here is clearly a part of the problem.

I do think it is annoying though that this site makes it so easy for people to troll and copy nicknames.

@mr smith

Yeah but in this case the admin verified that the OP and rude poster are the same person.


"So, after 20 minutes of waiting behind this woman me and my husband were looking out at stuff in the store and talking amongst ourselves when we hear, HELLLLOOOO!, HELLLOOOO!"

Now I know why the line ups are long at Walmart, because people like you are not aware of your surroundings and hold up the line when it is your turn. I am sure that they had to get "rude" and say HELLLOOO, HELLLOOO because they tried calling you before and you did not hear them. Don't blame them if you cannot pay attention to what is going around you.

If you think the service is slow perhaps there is a reason, or perhaps you are impatient. I agree they are short staffed but there are never 50 people in line. (except probably Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Boxing day ect.)

"you cannot find anything in the store and cannot find anyone to ask and if you do they never know where it is either."

The store's are usually huge, I am sure they know what is around their department, but not where each and every item is. They will take you to the general direction. But anyone with half a brain would know where to look. For example you would not look for Power Ranger Action Figures in the food department. If you ask someone working there they will be able to tell you to look in toys.(which if you have half a brain you would know already) The toy person would have a better idea. We are not talking about a small store that only sells certain goods, we are talking about a big store that sells lots of items. Sorry I am being harsh on you but your comment about disabled people is disgusting.

Why not grow up a little and set a better example for your kids.


Even if you did not post the comment about the disabled people you need to still grow up. Has it ever occurred to you that you are not the center of the universe.

If a customer is before you and they are helping the other customer they are not being lazy. Also It seems like you are the cause of your own delay because you were too busy talking to each other. If that customer needs 20 minutes than they need 20 minutes. If the cashiers are "slow" than it is better than being fast and doing their jobs incorrectly and wasting more time.

Remember the lessons you learn in kindergarten. "Haste makes waste" and "slow and steady wins the race"

@grow iup

How many times do I have to explain this to you. You must have down syndrome as well.

I admit to making that comment about disabled people on the site. however I never mentioned the drinking problems of their parents in front of the manager.

Read the review before posting. I am sick and tired of having to explain this simple concept that even a four year old would understand.


Sick and tired? You're making yourself sick and tired.

No one forced you to comment again. You just couldn't let it go because you're a last word freak.


No one asked you all to reply. I shared another review on this site and was attacked for it as well.


"The store does have the right to have you leave if you make rude, derogatory remarks about their employees or other customers."

I never made rude derogatory comments about their employees. Thanks for making a fool out of me and having people misunderstand what I said. What I meant was I never made the comment about the down syndrome employee's family having drinking problems or drug abuse problems. I simply told him not to hire someone just because they are disabled. Just because he feels bad for them. I nor other customers should have to put up with this. They don't work harder than everyone else and they should not be allowed to work because someone pities them. They are lazy and rude because they come from horrible backgrounds and take it out on us.

As for the poster who has many disabled relatives "Asperger's Autism" perhaps if his mother was not drinking he would be normal. If his mother was not drinking he would not have suffered a stroke four months before he was born. Just because your grandson is not normal does not mean that you can take it out on us. Why not talk to your daughter about her drinking problem which caused him to have all these birth defects in the first place.


jlance98 you have walked right into this reply... Asperger's Syndrome is on the autism spectrum thank you very much...

And, doctors don't know what causes autism.

But, yeah actually folks with autism CAN be hard workers when we choose to be. BTW I am a person with asperger's and you sir/ma'am can think about that & have a nice day.


No what I meant was I never mentioned that those disabled people have drinking problems in the family. That is what I meant.

I still stand by the comments I posted in this review. However I never told the store manager that these people have family issues. That is what I meant. That I never mentioned the drug abuse and drinking problems in front of the manager.

I showed him this review and he got angry again and cancelled my layaway.

Now my children won't have anything for Christmas. Those bikes were Christmas presents.


JLance988, someone posted in your comments about disabled people and used a user name similiar to yours. Making me and the other person think you were adding to your complaint.

It happens all the time on this site.

That is why I left a complaint on this site about account users not having the ability to edit/delete there complaints/comments because other users use derogatory statements that have nothing to do with the consumer complaints.


Actually according to our records he person making the comments about disabled people and the person who posted this review have the same IP address.

Frankly you are creating problems on our website. First you complain that you cannot edit your reviews.

Well as I said you can edit your reviews, you just have to add at the top how your review is edited. I have also stated get your facts straight before submitting the review. As I stated before, we clearly ask you to contact the company before submitting a review. We clearly are not responsible for any action taken due to your review.

Whether it be you are charged with libel, whether you lose your job because of your review. We encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and are not responsible for any negative actions your review has caused.

Simple concept you don't want other's (including the company you are reporting) reading the review don't post. We are not responsible for your posts.

@***ed***sumer admin

Like I said I never said I never made those posts. What I am saying is that I never said that I made the comment to the manager about the disabled people coming from homes with drinking and drug problems. Geesh, how many times do I have to state this.


i never said anything about disabled people! idk where you are getting that from.......


Jlance 988 is a bonafide freak, an attention seeker, a *** who has no idea that this is not the place to rant about things you probably made up.


Sadly there are people out there who actually feel this way. A shame.


I agree we hope that this person is trolling, however there are actually people that believe this. I know of one person at least who treats his disabled coworkers like ***.

He thinks he is above them because he is "normal" and another person made a statement that disabled people should only do janitorial work. The disabled person complained about the person making the janitorial work comment and he got fired.

Does not matter if this person is trolling or real tell them off.


someone hacked my account, only the original post is mine... :(