Red Oak, Texas

trying to get a certain product, we went through 5 mangers (asst) also we were told they would give us a call but we have not heard one peep out of them in 3 weeks. I finally clled corporate and guess what......he said he would send the information over to the "MANAGER" of the store.

What good is that going to do when the manger(s) don't care! I expect nothing out of this and will be surprised if anything does come of it. Also I went through the line and gave the lady my $20.00 bill and she just handed me my change back without even telling me how much I was getting back. I asked her why she didn't give me the amount I was given back.

She said she was in a hurry. I called her on it and she went into the line beside her and laughed at me. This store in Red Oak, Texas is a joke. They don't care about their products and don't care about their customers.

I am highly upset.

My sister went into the same store to get a bd cake that was supp90sed to be ready at a certain time. She went in and they hadn't even started decorating the cake. Another lady was there doing the same thing and hers wasn't ready either.

What's up, that customer service has gone to *** in a hand basket?

If I had another place to shop I would!

K-Mart was done away with in our area. Walmart knows they have us by the neck and don't care.

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You are obviously still in grade two judging from your spelling and grammar, and you really should be shopping with an adult. The register tells you how much change you get back.

Your bill also tells you how much change you get back, next time go shopping with mommy or daddy so they can read your bill for you and tell you how much change you got back. If you speak as poorly as you type no wonder she laughed at you.


This Walmart has been a "BAD JOKE" from the day it opened. Nasty produce that needs to be thrown away.

Out dated products. Half the store is always empty. They "DON'T" care & neither does Corporate. I'll pay more & shop at Brookshires to get in date safely handled perishables.

It's a shame. Sam would roll over if he could see what his company has become.


Hi this is LadyScot you can find more of my ignorant comments throughout this website.


If they were supposed to call you when the product was in.... then maybe common sense says that the product WASNT IN YET.


I would not care either if i had to deal with people like you all day lol