Montgomery, Alabama

My complaint along with my wife's complaint against the customer service at the Manchester Tennessee Walmart has been submitted via the 1-800-WALMART line a week ago. We received no contact from the store manager and as of Tuesday of this week, I was informed the complaint was being forwarded to the Marketing Manager for action.

Guess What? 2.5 days later and no resopnse. I'm not upset at the fact the customer service "manager" didn't want to assist my wife nor I concerning our issue but what did cause me a bit of irritation was her attitude. I have shopped at Walmart for many, many years and this is the first incident of poor customer service I've ever received....

yea, hard to believe. I was insulted, degraded, talked down to and INSTRUCTED by this young lady how I personally could take care of my own problem. My wife was informed the broken toy was her fault as a toy recommended for four years and older was held by a two year old and subsequently broken. (I broke the toy taking it from the box).

The toy or the money spent wasn't the point but being accused of lying and my wife in tears was horrible. I guess you can tell I have some serious issues with the Manchester Tennessee Walmart and it's lack of proactive management.

If there is a reason or an excuse for her actions give me the respect of a telephone call and quit hiding behind your office door.

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To cry and be in tears. Get a life> Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good heavens this treatment isn't anything to be in tears over.