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I feel this is a personal choice and should be respected. I used to enjoy shopping at my local Walmart, Punxsutawney, PA, not anymore.

I respect social distancing.

Furthermore, I don't push my will or beliefs on anyone else. I do not like it being forced on me !!

If a person wishes to wear a mask, let them wear one. Your company should not force those that choose not to, to wear them. So after being told we had to wear a mask or leave, we left...

Spent our money elsewhere.

Your company has decided to play dictator. No thank you !!!!

User's recommendation: I have no recommendations for anyone.. Do your own thing. I myself will not follow the sheep...

Preferred solution: Y choice.

Walmart Pros: One-stop shopping.

Location: 21920 Route 119, Punxsutawney, PA 15767

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Sometimes I honestly forget to bring a mask and when confronted, I am very grateful when they offer me a mask free of charge to wear. I don't mean to forget it, it's just so strange and unnatural to wear one that when I am in a hurry or stressed, I simply forget to wear one.

While I disagree that everyone should wear one, I comply and mask up because I have better things to do time than to get into an argument about somebody over a mask.

And I can't just go to another store, because all of the other stores in town have the same policy. I miss the Good Old Days when you had a cashier ringing up your groceries and when you didn't have to wear a mask everywhere you went.


December is now the highest month for Covid deaths and it is due to maskless pigs like yourself! You pathetic loser!!


No one cares what you feel! It is store policy. Open your own store!


I have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask. Common sense keeps sick people home, when sick .

Apparently only selfish , fear driven people are allowed to have an opinion. By the way I had the feared virus with my pre- existing condition it was the worst “flu” I ever had. No that mask isn’t protecting you from the virus. Stay in your bubbles.

I prefer to live as I chose to . Not you


My mask isn’t protecting me at all. It is protecting you if I am symptom free and have Covid. If you caught Covid it was from another maskless pig like yourself!!


Resort to name calling when someone doesn’t share your opinion. You obviously don’t have much of a life to miss in that bubble.


I bet you are an estrogen deficient broadback fat middle aged woman. Lean over your cart much? Stay in the parking lot!!


Quite the opposite.... The only thing you got right is middle aged. I find it hilarious that you feel the need to try to insult rather than express an opinion.


No one cares what you think either. Stay in your bubbles and masks . When or if you ever come out you’ll probably be hit with ever virus out there cause you have no immunity built up to anything.


Spoken like a true Trumptard pig!! Oink oink!!!

Old Macdonald had a farm e-ie-I-o... and on that farm he had a pig.....


Walmart is doing the proper thing by requiring masks in their stores to prevent the spread of the virus. No one is infringing on your rights not to wear a mask.

Just don't expect to be welcome in places that require them. They would much rather loose a customer that doesn't want to be socially responsible and wear a mask than loose a customer to Covid.

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