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I am requesting store hours be designated for mask free shopping! This mandatory masking is doing little if anything to stop the spread of COVID....In our worst Flu seasons none of these extreme measures were ever taken. WASH your hands stay home if sick.

Location: Geneva, Ohio

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A lot of people are asymptomatic, so they would be unaware that they have covid. So, it is just safer for everyone to wear masks. Get over it, or go to a store that doesn't require masks.


You can shop somewhere else till the pandemic is over karen. Good luck with the whole entitled ideology with yourself.


Wearing a mask is making you mean.


Why don't you shop somewhere else until it is over, why should you be the one that is catered to?


Stop with all the Karen comments. It's not funny and doesnt make sense. I know what it means but please explain why the name Karen.

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