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Went into your Elm Springs road location in Springdale, Arkansas and purchased one of your Marketside Salad Bacon Caesar packs.Despite the freshness date expiring on March 22, the lettuce looked a bit brown and not fresh.

Since this was a Salad pack shipped in already prepared, I can't blame the deli people. It wasn't bad to eat but I awoke at around 4 AM the next morning with a horrific stomach ache. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital it was so painful. Starting to wonder if WM was trying to poison me through its conspiracy.

I don't usually buy salad at WM or most perishable food items.

Since WM is spying on me and can read my mind they knew what I was going to buy.They will probably end up killing me in the end, but I'm not going down without a fight.

Review about: Marketside Bacon Caesar Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What a trooper!

Just remember to always put on a fresh layer of aluminum foil around your head at night.


You saw the lettuce 'looked a bit brown and not fresh'. But, you still bought it AND ate it. Hummmmm...

Stupidity = effect.Effect = food poisoning.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1303589

You should always wash things like lettuce in cold water before consuming it. When you buy the already prepared ones, this might be difficult or seemingly unnecessary but you have no idea where or who prepared it. Thus, it best to just buy the lettuce, wash it thoroughly and then make your own salad.

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