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NO MASK this should be a choice and for me will not shop there until this policy is changed.

User's recommendation: should be your choice.

Location: 5200 S Fort Apache Rd, Spring Valley, NV 89148

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It seems you're under the FALSE impression that you would only be risking your own health by not wearing a mask. In FACT, it's to protect those around you much more than it's to protect you.

People whom are asymptomatic are spreading Covid-19 before they even realize they have it.

It's NOT hard to wear a mask! It IS hard to lose a loved one to a PREVENTABLE disease, where the family can't even be permitted access to the dying person while they suffer, and pass away.


See first they fine the businesses then they will fine the individual. Thankfully they can fine and arrest you in the future.

It’s just going to get worse for all you non mask wearing fools. Please go lick a hospital door and catch covid, I know for a fact that the loss of brain cells from a lack of oxygen will do you good!! You try coming back from a few weeks on a ventilator and see if your opinion on make change. The funny part is your only required to wear them while inside a business.

A inconvenience that lasts maybe 20-30 mins. Yet you would put the people around you at risk of death because you can’t be bothered to think of anyone but yourself. One can only hope that you’re in that category where covid is life threatening and you’re taken out of the gene pool before you cause much harm to others. You’re a selfish person and only think of your inconvenience.

You wearing a mask protects everyone else from you!! What is so hard to understand about that? You spew spit every time you speak! With every exhale you push out plenty of air borne particles.

You wear a mask so if you are infected you don’t infect everyone else. There must be someone in your life you care enough about to not infect them with something you may carry. Think of them, instead of just yourself.

I can’t wait until we have cops at every store again so they can arrest people like you. Maybe then You will take this seriously.


Good, I won't have to worry about encountering you spewing your germs in the air. As Walmart isn't the only store requiring masks now it will be interesting to see how many options you will have in the near future.


Actually, if you ever bother to read the CDC scientific reports on studies of the efficacy of face coverings you will find that they state emphatically -- based on studies from 1947 through 2018 -- that face masks do NOTHING to stop the spread of infectious diseases. NOTHING.

In fact, the studies show that wearing a face mask actually increases the spread of infectious diseases because people wearing masks are constantly touching them. Also, read the label on those cloth face masks. They all state that their masks do NOT stop the spread of corona viruses or infectious diseases. A virus is 1.5 microns in size.

There is no cloth face mask on the market that will block something that small. Further, face masks have been proven to limit the oxygen uptake of the wearer and increase reabsorption of toxic CO2 that has been breathed out.

.Masks will protect no one and can only cause harm to the wearer. Wearing a mask is in no way healthy and should not be forced on anyone.


And you got your PHD where Karen?


These Karen comments arent even funny. It's repetitive and boring, find something more clever and interesting.

And it makes no sense. Could someone explain to me why it is the name Karen and no other name, like why not Catherine, Linda, Mary or Sheila or Nancy? Why is it the name Karen specifically? Why is it that you think its so funny or clever to use the name Karen to describe people like that?

I mean its a fair question. Who decided the name should be Karen and why does everyone go along with it? It just seems bizarre that the name Karen was chosen and that everyone goes along with it. Its just not funny and it is getting tiresome and annoying.

Whoever decided to start the Karen comments, I am curious why they chose Karen specifically when it could just as easily be Susan or Betty.

The whole thing is just silly and its not clever or funny enough to become so widely used. I just want to know why this is a thing now.

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