I liked walmart until they started insisting on masks, now I hate it. I have asthma and cannot wear a mask without low oxygen levels, gasping for breath and anxiety.

User's recommendation: Do not shop at walmart or insist on mask free hours.

Preferred solution: Mask free hours.

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I hope you are right, as I do not want the vaccine. They have a good year success rate of 30 percent effective with the seasonal flu [also a corona virus].

I don’t trust the drug companies to come up with a safe vaccine when ,if they cause harm, they are not held accountable. Faulchy has been trying to make a vaccine for AIDS for over 30 years.

They are going to come up with a vaccine for COVID in a year or less? Really?


If anyone has medical breathing issues that are so very severe that they warrant a claim of being unable to wear a simple little face mask, for only a few minutes, then they are NOT the member of the household whom should be elected to do the family shopping.


If you have asthma, get proof from your physician to show at walmart. You should be worried about catching coronavirus since you are already in poor health.

People with respiratory ailment are more likely to die from covd-19.

And I heard that people who refuse to wear a mask will be banned from receiving the vaccine when its available. I hope you have a strong immune system.


So what if they have proof they have asthma? Why should they be allowed in the store and potential spread the virus.

Masks don't do much to prevent you from catching the virus, they are there to help keep you from spreading it. If they are that ill they should be at home shopping on-line.


I agree but I heard that people can shop without the masks if they have proof from a doctor that they cannot wear a mask. I also feel that those who are too selfish to wear a mask should be denied a vaccine.

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