Should not be mandatory to wear masks there. Its so hot in there stores I just about passed out.

User's recommendation: Don’t shop there.

Location: Newton, Kansas

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Follow your recommendation. Stay home.


Stay home you silly little wimp. You are no one special, so you are going to stop complaining about wearing a mask.

We have to wear these masks to protect people like my father who has black lung disease. No one likes wearing masks, but it is worth it to save others' lives. Stay home if you are too selfish to wear a mask. You are a worthless human being because you care only about yourself.

I want you to catch covid-19, I do not want you to die from it, but I want you to find out it is real and how serious it is. I just want you to suffer for a couple weeks and struggle for every breath you take. This will make you realize how lucky you are to be able to breathe freely. My father struggles to breathe every day of his life, and still he does everything he can to help and protect others.

I want you to almost die, just so it will put things in perspective. My father has lung disease 3rd stage, yet he wears a mask briefly when he is in public, to protect himself AND OTHERS. If he can stand to wear one briefly, so can you. I dont know if you are male or female.

If you are a male, then you are a pathetic excuse for one. Men these days act so feminine and weak.

Yes it is so uncomfortable wearing a mask, but you are a useless human being if you wont do it to protect others. We are in a pandemic so either wear a mask or STAY HOME SISSY.




I'd like to go shopping in WalMart without any drawers on, but wear them because it is the law.

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