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Its not your responsibility to keep American safe. Your employees dont wanna wear a mask but yet you Force them to.

That is communistic. You need to open your eyes and see whats really happening. We are the land of the free. Who the *** are you to try the rule the country coming into your store If they have to wear a mask.

It is not mandatory therefore you cannot enforce it and you should stop bothering customers.

The old and vulnerable have to take care of their own health as the young and non-vulnerable do we are all in charge of her own health and safety not Walmart. Get a grip

User's recommendation: If they make you wear a mask boycott them.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Shop elsewhere Karen!


More and more stores are requiring masks to protect their customers and employees from potentially transmitting the virus. Medical research has shown wearing masks to be an effective way of preventing the transmission of the virus. If you don't want to be socially responsible and wear a mask in stores just stay home.


Do you want the problem addressed? Or do you want to alert someone about the problem?

Or do you just want to make a fuss?

Is the complaint the point? Or is complaining the point?

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