There is a FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION on my WalMart debt card. You are culpable, your logo is on the front of the card.

Green Dot is a scam and I will file with the FDIC... It is entirely an auto-response driven BS con game... with zero human interaction or anything outside of the menu to add pertinent info.

My card was debited $130.94 from US PATRIOT ARMORY order #332 on 12/5/2020, for an order DECLINED for a Christmas present for my son..... WHERE IS MY MONEY...

I have all of the documentation.

I also have th bank routing information.

IMMEDIATELY you will get to the bottom of this or I will begin filing FDIC complaints and have the seller investigated. It appears they have a mirade of complaints as viewable online for similar fraudulent actions.


all rights reserved without prejudice

/s/ BY: Timothy John Miller

Location: Waterloo, Iowa

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