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I stood in line for along time in order to get things that I thought that I could not live without and also thought that they were good bargains. I stood in line to pay and noticed that they did not go in line with who was up there first they let whomever they wanted to get in line next after I asked what order are you using because I have been in line longer than the ones that are going in front of me--she didn't know-just call them as we want!

But that is not my complaint--I get to go next after I said something and I get to the register and show them an ad that I had from Target and the clerk went ahead and ran it up and gave me the price and then I went to pay and she had to call her CSM and the CSM asked for the video games back and she informed me that they would not match the sale price due to it being in the Black Friday ad that started Thursday afternoon just like their ad did. I asked why??? That they had matched before and she informed me I will not match Black Friday ads--- do you want this or not? No I do not !

I can go to this store and buy it myself! She acted so mature when she rolled her eyes at me !!!! Come on --an adult acting so much like a child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was at the Walmart store in Stephenville , Texas!

Walmarts ad shows that they match ad prices--then why don't they? Their ads do not say we choose the match ad prices as we choose to--or if it does I have not seen that ad!!! And if your employees have an eye problem with the rolling of the eyes then maybe they should go to your eye store and get her some glasses or eye drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was not 10--I so loathe the eye roll from anyone!!!! Not a happy camper here!

Product or Service Mentioned: Video Game.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Walmart Cons: Would not match sale ad-rude employees-rolled eyes at you, I dont like their customer service or their prices, Way we were treated, Management, Poor customer service--did not match ad.

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Just go to where the best price is for the items you want.

It is that simple.

Why make is this complicated that you end up complaining and acting like a drama queen?