I went to our Walmart (on 6-27-11) the north end of town( we have two Walmarts one on each end of the valley). They were out of a dvd I wanted to buy for my Grandsons birthday.It cost $15.00.

I said I would go to the South Walmart and see if they had it. They had the dvd but it cost $19.96. I told them what North Walmart was selling it for. They said they don't do comparison prices with other Walmarts.

That's bull they do for any other store in this valley. I hate Walmart south!!!

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I am now boycotting walmart... those *** lie ...

they don't even price match their own store. went to buy a patio set, found one for $150 it said also available in green .... $300 thats 100% more for a different color. Went online there it was for 198 went back to the store willing to pay the $198 even but they would not sell it to me ...

but I could go home buy it online then drive back to the store and pick it up.

So I'll buy a nice set from menards. *** you Walmart you lying ***


Don't even act like you're not going back. You sound like you wouldn't last a day without visiting a Wal-Mart.


Actually, that is true. We do not price comp other Walmarts and Walmart.com.

That is because we are not in competition with each other. Sorry.

to Jenny #718647

That's bs! They have a computer at the Walmart by my house that I have done price comparisons on a few items and gotten them to sell them at the cost it sells for on the website, and have even gotten rain checks for items they didn't have at the local store and had them "special-order" them, for me.

So, it sounds like you folks are just lazy and/or don't care about customer service like the ppl around my neck of the woods?

Too bad for you! Lucky me!

to Anonymous #719649

That is against company policy, each store is in competition with each other and Walmart.com is different entity all together, your manager can go around these policies but it isn't typical and only Store Managers would be the ones to approve of it.

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