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My mother is a registered nurse and peoples on this site are mean to her. Her name is complain265 Like they call her names and make fun of her and wal-art is being mean to me.

Last week i wanted to get some pencils for school and the price for the one that i wanted was $199 cents and the others were $99 cents so i moved the pencils around and i showed the cashier they were $99 cents because i wanted the pencils for school. the cashier said the bar codes dont match and I said if you dont give it to me for $99 cents then well I will tell my mother then this other customer said that she saw me moving the prices to get it cheaper and that was like stealing i told her my mom does it all the time and the customer said that was called scamming so i went home before they could yell at me more. i don't think it is stealing because my mom is a nurse an she knows it isnt.

also please stop being mean to my mom.

Also I can't use my own account because i am under 13 so i am riting this on her account

Also zachary's year of birth says 1998 and mine is 1999 so we are both ten and he is older.

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Why don't you go to the kitchen grab a knife and kill your family and then slit your own throat while your at it.


B.M. You do not tell a ten year old she needs to be hogtied and raped, no matter how rude and disrespectful the child is being.



What's that stand for bowel movement???

You have a hateful filthy mouth. How would you like to be "hog-tied and raped?" *** ***.




You spoiled brat.


Hey freako Prozac will help with all the voices you keep hearing!!!


complain and her daughter need to be hogtied raped and beaten together


complain and her daughter need to be hogtied raped and beaten together


complain and her *** daughter should be raped


Zachary, you need to leave my daughter alone and stop harassing her you ***.


Zachary as u can sea, anyone can purposly make speling mistakes too pretend to be some one's child. Just look at my coment. :D


Before you submit the letter use the spellcheck which pissedconsumer has. That way people won't make fun of your spelling.


I think it is the daughter writing this the mother does not make this many spelling mistakes.


shut up all of you

trevor shut up i am ten not nine

i only wrote this letter about what happened because my mom said if i did not she would kick me out of the house like she did with my brother who likes blacks.

you guys are mean. i did not steal those pencils they kept them in the store. i told my mom and she said to write here about it.


Come on now, don't be hard on her she is only nine. Also just look at her mother. Her own mother is a few grapes shy of a fruit salad.

However complain's daugther what you did is wrong. What you did is considered theft.

I also think that this is someone crying for attention, but then again we never know there are people out there like complain. If this is the child writing the letter I am not going to belittle her.


You better run if mommy finds out you been on her (attention seeking site) she is going to beat the *** out of you again............ You dumb b@tch pretty pathetic you are playing yourself as your daughter now, let alone admitting you are a thief.

Some idiots will do anything for attention and this is as low as one can get . Maybe it won't be long and you will be one of our inmates roomie after all.


Take some more of that medication you are probably stealing from the patients. :upset

Mommy is nothing but, a thieving , lying, racist little ***.


You sure do need pencils for school because you are ignorant, learn how to spell, learn how to put a sentence together, and you are a thief if you are switching price tags regardless of what your mother says, it is stealing. It is called retail fraud.

I am glad that I am not under your mothers care because she is *** and if she is switching price tags on merchandise, then she is a thief just like you (must run in the family) I bet you know alot about Michigan City (State Prison) don't you? How many of your family members are there?

How is that for not being mean to you :cry

Instead of being on here and fighting your mothers battles, you should be behind closed doors doing homework with those pencils you stole