4255 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765, USA
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I go to the neighborhood market Walmart on McCulloch Road and Alafaya Trail in Oviedo Florida. Most of the cashiers are nice but I recently dealt with a really horrible cashier named Lynda.

She was very abusive to me and from what I remember she was working sometime around midnight. At night there's usually only one cashier so one night before going into the store I called to see what gender the cashier was who was working there at night. I didn't even want to get into Names. I just wanted to know if it if it was a male or female because there is one male at night working there who's usually a really nice person.

The *** who I talked to on the phone some young male who claims he was the manager was a complete *** and dolt and *** and he would not give me the gender of the cashier. This loser was acting as if this was some kind of privacy issue or some kind of legal issue in reality he was treating it as if it was a danger issue when I explained to him the reason was because I dealt with a rude cashier. I can't even imagine a female calling at 4 AM because she does not want to deal with a rude cashier and there's only one at night and some *** Walmart manager some retard who is like 20 years old will not tell the gender of the cashier. Now I can understand if it really is a privacy issue but it definitely is not a privacy issue at all.

It's call on judgment by a deranged *** really. It just goes to show the kind of *** and lowlifes that work at Walmart they're so freaking *** that they're treating a customer who is concerned about the rudeness of a cashier as if it's some big deal just to know the gender of a cashier at 4 AM. I can guarantee that no other Walmart wouldnt even hesitate to tell you that just the *** that I talked to on the phone and his attitude towards it just pissed me off on another level. On top of that it's definitely not a privacy issue because I can just walk right into Walmart and go see who the heck the cashier is and I was actually in the parking lot when I made the phone call.

What kind of brain-dead idiots work at Walmart what a *** place that employs trash and moronic people. Treating a customer who's concerned about being abused by a cashier as some suspicious situation.

*** He did ask me to give a name so he's ok with names which is even more private but not generic gender. Complete loser

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you REALLY think it's any of your business what gender an employee is?

Please stay home.


I am sure that Walmart would be very very happy if you stayed away from their stores.


I wouldn't have given you the gender either. Seriously....what kind of a creeper calls Walmart at 4am and asks what the gender of the cashier is?

If you have problems with a cashier, you take the name and let the manager know.

That's it. Good grief.


You're an ***. The manager probably thought you were a *** trying to find out the gender of a cashier working. I can tell by the language you used in this post why you were treated rudely.


So did you call at 4 in the MORNING or did you call the NIGHT before? Also, understand that they are just trying to be safe so sometimes you are not going to be happy and sometimes you are. Just how it is.