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Walmart .com on line Services Re- Fed-ex

Brenda M Johnson was promised delivery within 2 days of free shipments of property purchase. The Contractual agreement between parties has been broken and property purchased was not delivered and fraud occurred and lying by the contractor assigned to deliver packages on April 05 , 2021.

The claim center is responsible for the advertisement and shipment in which all-day waiting for delivery and falsified the person came . I have Attached the photos showing I was home and door tag was not on handle.

My charge is $400.00 an hour for two days of staying home without leaving for a known delivery is $6400. Please pay balance within 30 days of this claim on April 06 2021. I have given notice of suite to your contractor.

In which a claim from inspector general usp of Complaint of thieft.and interception of mail which is v voluntarily given by your contractor to someone else. The person known as Amber Miller admitted to taking property without consent.

This happened once before and after the Complaint with inspector general a gentleman brought the item with other mail taken. Picture identifying the person was taken and once I refuse to take it from the guy he left it at my door. Walmart told me to keep it.

Its not my intention to take anything I didnt work to obtain or pay to receive.04/06/2021

/s /Brenda M Johnson

311 South 9 th St Apt 501

Tacoma wa 98402

253 732-****


Complaint and invoice cc register agent C.T. Corporation 711 Captitol way S suit 204 Olympia wa 98501


User's recommendation: No, in-store way better. Shipment has given my purchases to other people or left outside over 90% of my orders were failure to perform privacy.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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