New Port Richey, Florida

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for Walmart's use of the warm Greeting of Merry Christmas in their commercials. While I appreciate the range of religious or non-religious preferences inthe populations, the recognition of this time of the year as being due to Christmas is much appreciated.

The Greeting of "Merry Christmas" should not offend anyone, nor would I be offended if someone of another faith wished me happiness based on their faith.

My entire family has noted your willingness to share this longstanding greeting of joy and well wishes and, for us, we all intend to focus our Christmas shopping at Wwalmart, as well as the remainder of the year. It seems it has become so fashionable to avoid any mention of Christianity, and while I, personally, if not particularly religious I believe it is appropriate to aknowledge this wonderful time of the year for what it is, and Christian well wishes should not offend anyone.

Again, THANK YOU :-)

John Conley, MD

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I love their xmas spirit too. I told the door greeter I wouldn't have money for tree this xmas.

he offered to look the other way while I stuck a chrismas tree in my rear end and snuck out the door. Thanks a lot , really made my xmas season.


I have to agree, there are people offended by having someone wish them a Merry Christmas. If you find this offensive go home.

You come to USA for the freedom to practice religion, to get better jobs, ect.

Well let us practice ours or go home to your third world country and stay jobless. You want our benefits but you also want to change our living style.