Hatfield, Pennsylvania

The cinnaminson Nj store is a disgrace. It never has the merchandise you need, I can go back a month later, and still no stock, this is the worst store I have ever been in, it is extremely messy, you cant find anything, their is no order or trying to find things on your own, and there is never help to b found, then when you finally get help, they act like they don't understand you.

I worked retail before and I have never seen a store so un-organized and mis-managed.

It is so frustrating to have to go to another store to get the merchandise I can't find at wal-mart. Someone seriously needs to go to this store and check it out.

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Yeah, go Simon. You tell 'em, cowboy. Set these spudit shoppers straight.


Then why don't you put in an application and use your vast retail knowledge to show them the right way to run a store?


Because then the Social Security Administration would cut my "Nut Check". It would be like I was actually having to work for my Nut Check instead of getting it for doing nothing.