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I was wrongly accused of theft but after going to court my case was dismissed than 11 mo. Later I go in that wallmart to buy a couple of things for my family and I am greeted at the register receiving my recite for my purchase by a Plano cop and the same *** who tried to bust me for no reason they said I had criminal trespass and arrested me

Wow really I'm spending money in the same place I was accused of steeling and now I go to jail 11 mo. Latter After you couldnt put me in jail for a theft case that was dismissed (spring creek and 75 Plano Texas) eddy is the security guard

People like that should not have any power if you remember me 11 mo for that idiotic *** I feel it's personal. And that lacks professionalism and balls if you see a chubby white guy with scraggly face or a Mexican guy med height with glasses and you feel your being followed that's them. I hope I can find more people who have dismissed cases like mine so we can sue their ***

Reason of review: Wallmart security .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Way we were treated, Way i was treated for dyeing a customer for 25 years.

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also my case was dismissed becaus i accidently stole less than $20 of things witch i thought i pay for.