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I live less than a mile from store #05186 and my entire family frequented that store 3-4 times per week for all of our shopping needs, including oil changes for 3 of my family's vehicles. I routinely spent thousands of dollars at that store, used the Savings Catcher feature ($381.88 lifetime accumulated rewards), used Walmart Pickup, and ordered merchandise online.

After my experience there today I will never shop at a Walmart again. I entered the store with an empty 5 gallon water jug intending on refilling it myself for $1.35 when an associate in a wheelchair encouraged me to turn in my empty jug and get a new one instead. I inquired as to the price which he said was $6.50 "but you get a $5.00 deposit fee return" which led me to believe that my total out of pocket cost would be $1.50. When checking out with the rest of my items I handed the cashier the ticket the associate produced upon my entry into the store.

The water jug rang up as $6.50 which I pointed out to the cashier was not the cost I had been led to believe when entering the store. A manager came over and stated since the water was through a vendor there was nothing she could do. She wasn't willing to credit me the $5.15 difference, sell me the jug for the $1.50, or return my original water bottle that I entered into the store with. I advised both the manager and cashier that Walmart would be losing a frequent customer over a 5 gallon jug of water to which neither lady replied nor cared.

Had I known the total out of pocket water cost was $6.50 I most certainly not have taken the associate's advice and would have filled it myself. Why would anyone pay $6.50 for water when I could refill it myself for $1.35? The lack of courtesy in trying to remedy the situation is what bothers me the most. Had the manager lowered my bill by $5.15 or even offered me a $5 gift card I would have felt compensated.

I am currently undergoing chemo for cancer treatment so fulfilling all of my shopping needs in one place is important to me as I have little energy to spare. Now I will drive further and probably even pay more for all of my shopping needs due to the lack of customer service and lack of support I received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Walmart Pros: General price of goods i purchased.

Walmart Cons: How i was treated.

  • Terrible Customer Care
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I bet you are shopping at Walmart right this very minute.


You may have misunderstood what you were told. You would get $5.00 back when you returned the empty jug.

Their supplier wants their jugs back, not those of another vendor. If you buy jugs frequently you would end up paying only $1.50 for water, as when you came in for water the next time you would get $5.00 back if you brought in the jug from this trip.


shouldve insisted the associate who gave you misinformation be called in to the conversation


Haha! So for $5 you are going to spend more time and money somewhere else instead?

You just said you went to Walmart all the time and it is convenient.

Why change that? It’s so stupid. An employee didn’t know and I’m sure you didn’t just throw away the jug? Or did you?

That stupid of you. You should have taken the jug to customer service and figured it out yourself.

What a lazy ***.