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I was just in the Walmart on Quebec and Smith Road in Denver. They have several racks of clothes in the women's department that have signs on them that say 50% off lowest ticketed price. The items on the rack were marked $16.97 with a red tag price of $9.49. ( This was an entire rack of hooded sweatshirts, not an individual item that was misplaced on the rack. ( With the sign on the rack, I calculated the sale price to be 1/2 of $9.49 or $4.75. When the item was taken to the register, the computer price was $8.49. We explained the sign and a manager was called.

Isreal, a customer service manager, came to talk to us. We showed him the sign and the pricing on the items. He said " My clothing manager is not the brightest" and proceeded to pull the sign down. I asked him to honor the sign and he said that he was honoring it by charging $8.49.. He stated that only the original price is the ticketed price. According to Isreal, any red markdowns on the ticket are not the ticketed price. He told me this was Walmart policy and he only does what his manager tells him to do.

I asked him how you could have the "lowest" ticketed price if only the original is the ticketed price. He insisted only the original price with the barcode is a "ticketed price" and seemed to be amused by the fact that he had the power in the situation. I left without purchasing the item.

I don't think this is accurate signage and it is misleading to customers. Enclosed are pictures of the signage, price tag and Isreal's employee tag

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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