Edmond, Oklahoma

I went through the self check line and selected cash back. The machine did not dispense my money.

I waited over 30 min to get my cash back. The cashier that was watching the self checkout left to get a CSM 3x. The last time she came back she told me that the CSM was in the "cashbox" and she didn't know why she couldn't get her to come help. When CSM finally came to help I said I couldn't believe it took over 30 minutes to get help.

She cussed me out calling me a ** 3x.

My daughter and grandson were both with me. 4 employees and at least 10 people in line. She told me she had been on break & had other things to do before coming to help me and I didn't need to be such a **. She hated ** like me to come in.

She said I could go ahead and call in about her because Monday would be her last day because she just graduated nursing school. She also told me I should just leave without my money. I left this store #622 humiliated and very angry. I have never in my life experienced this type of treatment especially by such a big establishment.

I will never go to this store again.

Apparently they don't even care how their customers are treated. I filed a complaint with the store and haven't heard back from them in over a week now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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wallyworld sucks and always will. just hope you never meet her in the hospital. imagine all the poor patients that will have to put up with her attitude before she will be back at wallyworld as a cashier


IMO both were acting childish in this situation.

First B

Well you tried to humiliate her by trying to make her look racist so the score is even IMO.


Well you make a sarcastic comment such as I cannot believe it took 30 minutes to get help what do you expect? You are not the center of the universe, and she has the right to take her break. If your boss demanded you work on your break(assuming you have a job) than you would be the first to complain.


You are some ***, obviously the 30 minutes was an exgaration. It probably only took her five or ten minutes.

I only put 30 minutes to make my review more interesting and they said they checked the cameras and they saw that the machine had dispensed my money. Okay I only said that it did not because I wanted to test her, I wanted to know if she would take my word when I said the money was not dispensed. She did not believe me because I am black. This is more of poor customer service and racism more than about the money.

We are talking about 47 cents here, rather than believe me over the 47 cents she choose to be rude to me and call me a *** because I am black. She chose to not believe me over 47 cents because I am black.


Quit playing the *** race card, that won't get you any sympathy at all. You started the whole altercation.

Maybe if you didn't go around acting like you are better than everybody else, just because you are black. Why would you feel like you had to test any of the employees, unless you were trying to cause trouble?


So you actually got your money? You were lying? I would be pissed too!!


I don't think you saw the point in this review, the issue is I was racially profiled, they did not believe me over 47 cents.