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I went to your walmart store in St Paul to purchase an antenna because I have lost any ability of getting a TV signal, I put up the antenna and have it in the proper direction and even went the route to put in an amp, but the guy who sold me on this antenna knew nothing because I am no closer to getting a good signal. I can build one 5 times over and have change.

I misplaced the receipt but I want to return this item since it is not worth the material it is made from.

This antenna is a Phillips brand and They don't have any help and I will not get on a phone to talk with them since They are selling an inferior product.

Please advise me how I can get my money back, I spent $100.00 on this piece of S#*% and I will pass this along to the public if not resolved.

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Sounds like it could be a problem with type of signal. If your area switched to digital TV you may need a digital tuner/reciever to plug the antenna into then the tuner to the TV.

Hope this helps otherwise it could be the TV's internal tuner that is set wrong or defective. Good luck.