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I had a customer complaint this evening that is just beyond explanation. At about 6:30, I get called to the customer service desk to speak with an upset customer.

Her complaint was that an associate kept trying to avoid her and dashed into other isles when she tried to flag him down from help. When I asked her for the associates name, she said he did not have a name badge. When I asked her what he looked like, she described that he was wearing a light blue tee-shirt, cargo pants, and bright red Nikes. I told her that I would look into this.

Lo and behold, our "mystery associate" appears at the registers up front with these bright red Nikes.

After person checked out, I approached the "mystery associate" and asked him if he found everything in our store ok. He responded that he was good, except that some annoying lady kept asking him for help in the vacuum section and that she kept trying to get his name.

I realized that this "mystery associate" was no associate at all, but just an unfortunate customer who wore a blue shirt and khakis who was the victim of a *** 1D1OT who would not believe that he did not work at Wal-Mart.

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He could have just told her that he didn't work there.


yumad4, MsLea doesn't leave the house. she just makes up fake complaints.

BigBruce, that's nuts. I guess the dumb b*tch didn't realize that there's blue shirts for sale out there.


omg you got to talk to mrslea in the flesh!!! was she hot? hahaha funny story

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