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Update by user Dec 25, 2018

Certain users with the initial AN are keep-coping my username and posting fake comments pretending she/he is me. Those comments with AN initial or abbreviation on the left-hand side are NOT my comments.

Update by user Dec 24, 2018

In addition, given the positive outcome due in part to certain good Customer Care and Resolution Staff, there is no need to have this post and comments anymore since I now have a piece of mind that the outcome will be fair and reasonable. As a result, I have requested to remove posts and comments on this matter.

If they are not removed, please consider this post as a superseding comment that effectively overrides all my prior review. Thank you.

Update by user Dec 24, 2018

After the event, I spoke with a Customer Care and Resolution at Walmart who was open, honest and willing to help. Obviously, it is not a guarantee, but she assured that the outcome will be fair and reasonable for both parties.

Even if my account remains closed due to certain internal limitations, as long as I am approached in a fair and reasonable manner, I am ok with it.

Due to the Customer Care and Resolution staff, I am updating my review and rating of Walmart. Thank you.

Update by user Dec 24, 2018

I am marking this review as "Resolved" only to deter further harassment to me. I will deal directly with Walmart outside of this website.

Please do not post any more harassing comments or any other comments here. Thank you.

Update by user Dec 23, 2018

Dear PissedConsumer Team. Please delete my account and my posts.

The constant name calling and harassments of UnsteadyPuffin and/or Anonymous are unacceptable and intolerable. If I knew this website allows such harassments, I would not have signed up. I only wanted my case to be resolved, NOT be harassed by these people.

I will take my case directly with Walmart. Thank you.

Update by user Dec 23, 2018

I want the public to know that I, MYSELF, NOT Walmart, opened the investigation number 181222-****42.

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2018

1)Ordered Sceptre 55 inch TV on 10/30/18, but had to cancel the order BEFORE taking it from the store because I could not find time to get to the store.

2)Ordered the same TV 11/22/18 and this time I am able to pick it up, but the price went down to $229.99 so I created a new order on 12/2/2018, picked up on 12/16/2018.

3)A TV has some issues. Sometimes pressing channel changes volume and vice versa. On 12/18, I reported this problem and complained about the fact that it is a hassle to return because it is a big 55-inch tv. While I did NOT demand the refund, the customer care offered a refund and I only accepted it.

4)wmcompayments@***.com closed my account thinking falsely accusing me of wrongdoing.

5)I have opened the investigation number 181222-****42 to listen to the recording to get to the bottom of this. Natalie M. at Walmart.com was very helpful in filing this investigation.

wmcompayments@***.com needs to be held accountable for their own action!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Listen to the recording and apologize sincerely and offer a solution!.

Walmart Pros: Natalie s customer service.

Walmart Cons: Incompetent back office that is not held accountable.

Location: Northridge, California

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I went to my local thrift store that helps mentally challenged people and they had a bunch of the old tube televisions there for sale. They were priced quite high at $40 and $50 and one even at $75.

I know that I have read that the Salvation Army doesn't want people dropping them off at their stores because they just have to pay to take them to the dump because nobody wants them at any price. You probably could have just gone and bought yourself a used tube television to watch. Maybe could have gotten one for free if you had placed an advertisement in your local Thrifty Nickel Paper or Newspaper want ads.

They would have just been happy to have you take it away for them. If someone didn't watch it much, even though they are old they could still last you for years to come.


your 1st mistake was buying a Sceptre brand...


What I see is someone who got thier TV that has a minor issue and got thier money back as well. That makes what they have done fraud.

So you can pick up the TV but can’t return it? It’s a shame really. This is what we as Americans have stooped to. Theft and deception.

Then to top it all off the OP can’t even admit that they are WRONG!! A thief, a liar, and a scammer. Good god your family must be so proud of how you turned out. I’m honestly appalled at the type of behavior this poster has shown.

They are justifying thier actions by trying to play the victim. That is SAD!!!! Here a supposed adult has fallen to the depths of immaturity and justified theft and lies because a TV has a SMALL DEFECT!! The right thing to do would have been to return the TV.

But literally sheer laziness, greed, and selfishness is what this poster uses to justify theft.

How this poster sleeps at night is beyond me. For someone to go to the lengths this poster has to justify thier EXTREMELY POOR MORALS means that the poster has much deeper mental health issues.


I think that the people that the OP is arguing with is more mature than the OP. They are mature enough that they were doing the harassing, but the OP who also harassed others has yet to admit and apologize for harassing.

Shame on her for being so childish. The OP will not apologize, but I apologize to all those that the OP harassed. You do not deserve that. Have a great new year.

To the OP, the new year is coming up. Maybe you can change your ways by admitting to your faults.At least admit that you too are harassing and made several false claims such as 1. Anonymous worked for Walmart. 2.

Anonymous and others are the same person. Face it you are in the wrong here.

MORE THAN ONE PERSON IS TELLING YOU THIS. In other words try to improve yourself in the future by growing up a little Thanks.


I just asked pissedconsumer.com to open IP-Investigation. I did not say those things about "Britain" You are right that I have no proof that Anonymous is the one making fake comments, but someone is making fake comments pretending to be me.

I did not know that Realize is spelled as Realise in Britain. IF you have no proof that they are the same person why did you say they have the same IP address liar?

@Dorianne Eyv

Because as established she is a liar.

@Genieve Xpk

Exactly, only she does not see that making fake assumptions and being wrong as lying. She either is good at this lying thing or an imbecile. OR both.

@Dorianne Eyv

Again if you did not know that there were two spellings you had no right lecturing them about misspelling the word since you were wrong. Makes you look stupid.


The OP still has to admit to harassment and lying and saying that anonymous has the same IP address as the person impersonation her. Probably too immature to do that.

Calling other people illiterate because they told her she was wrong is harassment.

No one here is illiterate. I feel very sorry for the people who are in the OP's life.


Just so that I am clear, my screen shots also clearly show the person's user name of RemoveAII with upper case of "i" instead of my previous lower case of "L" The screen shot has Times New Roman Font which clearly shows the difference. Ariel font makes it impossible to differentiate upper case of i with lower case of L.

This time, I am not going to type 34567 in the name section.

If I am not forced to post Anonymously, I would have used my login. I am 34567 with 34 on the left hand side.


This is 34567 again, and I am entering 34567 on the name section just to show that when you do, the letter AN shows up left hand side. My account has 34 on the left hand side.

For some reason my post is continuously blocked so I am forced to post Anonymously.

I hereby notify all of you that I have saved the screen shots of all 99 comments and my first review on Walmart which is now marked as resolved. I am 34567.


I just saved screen shots of all the posts made here by everyone.

@Remove A

That would mean you have screenshot of all your lies and false accusations and harassment as well.

@Genieve Xpk

Probably unless she blurs them out. But if she did not know that there were two spellings of "realise" why did she tell the other user that he or she spelled it wrong.

I guess to make herself look smart. Well it has the opposite effect. It just makes her look stupid since she was wrong. I guess she had to try to discredit someone even if it involved lying.

What a shame.

Then rather than admit to being wrong she claims she was impersonated. Talk about immature.


Now there is one way this person to post again faking as me. That is posting without logging in and with typing name 34567.

Just luke how I am doing here.

But when you do you will have AN on the left hand side. My account has 34 on the left hand side.


Please carefully look at the user name who posted the following "UndoAII Ha ha losers this account will soon be deleted." It is UndoAII with upper case "i" but my old username was ALL with lower case of "L" That proves I, 34567, did not post such harrasing comments. Just click that user name and you will see Times New Roman character upper case i.

I aslo saved the screen shot before this person realizes that she/he got caught and changes it. I am 34567


Are those screenshots lies like everything else you stated?


Also, I have done some online search and apparently, I am not the only victim of this Cyber-Bullying (pretty advanced form). There were others who said their responses to these people are not posed for some reason, while the attackers post is keep being posted.

Therefore, I with the user name 34567 (no other spaces, characters or spaces) am forced to post Anonymously. 34567


Telling you off is not cyberbullying. You are also bullying. If you cannot take it than don't do the same.


Now I understand. Every time someone is posting a comment without logging in, it appears as AN and Anonymous.

I truly did not know that.

The post designated with 34567 is posted by me who posted the 1st review on Walmart - marked resolved now. It is my attempt to deter this person making similar user name again.

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