Dallas, Texas

i was a by stander today(1/27) waiting at the front entrance for my daughter at walmart in el cajon CA, parkway plaza mall, and i was aware of the negative approaches and remarks the employees had towards each other. From the looks of it, the females being rude and snotty were most likely higher ranked and held more authority than the verbally attacked employees.

These employees were young men, not in full uniform. Wearing a highlighted vest( carts or security) and they were being talked down to, disrespected and harrassed. i didnt appreciate the scene that i saw. i seen the names of Natalie and Marley.

im not sure of their positions but their attitudes were very ignorant. From the brief 15 mins i was present i didnt see any lack of work ethic, or unexcusable behavior from the first young man. he was conversating with the greeter and marley i believe unappropriately approach him and ask him what he was doing and then later went and got Natalie. He told them he was on his first break and was still verbally mistreated.

i could see in his face he was upset. extremely. As if he has had it with his job there. This was unexceptable.

its bad enough customers are mistreated n misguided but employees that do all the hard labor to keep the store a functional success???? ungodly and absurd

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walmart is a little strange. In the new store in the low income part of town there is someone by the door who presumes to ask customers to show their receipts.

I just say "No thank you" as though it is a survey and continue on out the door because I already have been given a receipt by the checker, therefore 'walmart' already has seen it. In the end the policy is to accept an answer of 'no' (or no answer at all, if the customer ignores it) and go on to asking the next person. This time I had to use one of those electric carts because of knee surgery. Anyway I had a bunch of food and two big pillows on top.

A lady was walking out just ahead of me with a receipt in her hand, and it must have looked like I was with her, because the receipt natzee asked, 'does she have the receipt for those pillows>'. I say "No ma'am, I do", but I didn't slow down.. They are not allowed to stop anyone because of liability. I believe they implement the 'receipt checking policy' out of fear, but what they don't understand is a brazen thief will just act like an honest person and walk right out.

At some point there might be a line of people who have voluntarily stopped in (yet another) line to be checked for receipts but I won't be in it. The upside is it gives someone a job. So it is a weird place.

:x If they had benefits and I was real lazy I would get a job there. :p


Also if he slapped her he would be a coward, only a cowardly man raises his hand on a lady.


Did it not turn out that the man stole the earring and acted as if he had it on him when he brought it in the store?


Welcome to reality...and being a big boy/girl. This happens in every work place, along with catty gosspip, brown nosing, and cliques. And your complaint about the actual company is....?


Yeah,some of the employees there are rude and obnoxious.!one of the women employees had the nerve to go up to a man standing in check-out line and harass him about an ear ring he have in his ear ,as if she didn't have anthing better to do,she's lucky she didn't get slapped!!!!!!! :


A considerable lack of education is on high display with the posting of this "complaint." Also, I suspect an ulterior motive---perhaps someone with either a sense of entitlement; a perpetual victim; or someone who knows a disgruntled employee of WalMart.

WalMart may be a really *** place to shop and is NOT recommended by discerning shoppers, but given the caliber of people WalMart employees, I would say they are lucky to not be horse-whipped each day in order to get them off their lazy behinds.


Why is this even on here?