San Antonio, Texas

We entered store and there were no electronic wheel chairs anywhere (it was 10:30 pm). I asked an employee and she said they were all put away for the night, as they close at 12:00 pm, that we should go out to the parking lot and try to find a guy out there to get us one.

We are 68 years old, my husband can't walk and we are supposed to run around at 10:30 pm in Walmart parking lot?

I had someone in the Food Department summon a manager, she went out to the parking lot and retreived one herself, but we were not completely pleased with her attitude either. What happened to "Thank you for serving?" Management staff should be trained to appreciate customers, and veterans that really need help in their store!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Disabeled Vet
  • Electronic Wheel Chair
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Electronic wheelchairs are a courtesy, nothing requires Walmart to provide them.


I am sure your husband has his own wheel chair right?So why are you giving these people a hard time and Why are you and Your husband out at 10:30PM along?Your husband is a vet right?Does this mean everyone should Bend over Backwards for him?We respect the vet's right but some time's people think that we should just Kiss their *** and This is not going to happen OK.It's not Walmart's fault that your husband cannot walk and you should not place blame on these people OK.You can cater to your husband but do not expect other's to do so.The lady was nice enough to go out and Get a wheel chair for your husband and To appreciate what other's do for you because we do not have to do so.It's out of respect only.We do not owe you anything.Only the military Lowe's you and Your husband ok.At 68 you should be more kinder to other's instead of being Mean to other's.