Burlington, Ontario

I was detained by the local police when I complained about the poor service at a Walmart checkout. I waiting in line and was asked by a Walmart employee to move to another line, which I did.

When this happened a second time, I turned to leave the store. In doing so I inadvertently knocked over a small store display placed at the exit. I was followed from the store by a Walmart employee, the Niagara Regional police were called and I was detained. Subsequently, Walmart issued me a "no trespass order for a period of one year.

I do not have a problem about not shopping at Walmart. I do have a problem with the manner in which I was treated by a Walmart employee and the fact that a 76 year old woman had the police called and detained for no reason by a Walmart employee.

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I am 76 years old respect me. You must be the manager funny how both your names are simon.


i accidently walked out with some items as well. they would not listen to me when i said i forgot said they get the excuse all the time and called the police on me when i called them punks.


You probably purposely knocked over their display as you were throwing a temper tantrum. It doesn't matter how old you are, you need to learn to behave yourself.