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I went to Walmart just to pick up a few things and headed towards the cash register. I was greeted. I greeted the cashier back. The cashier scanned my items and put my items into the bag. I recieved the total and began to pay my items. I pulled out my wallet and took put a five dollar bill and put it on the counter because I wanted to count out the coins. My hands were getting full. I found the thirteen cents, three pennies and a dime. I placed on top of the cash and was about to put it into my hand and physcially hand it to the cashier. The cashier swiped the money and proceeded to lecture me on how my actions were rude. She proceeded to tell me, "you know that it is considered rude to just turn in money like that on the counter. You should know that you NEED to hand the money and change to the cashier."

I apologized. I would have just let it go and left but she just kept talking.

She then began to question my ethnicity and upbringing. "Were you born here?" She asked whether or not I was born in America. I didn't really respond but she kept going. She also said that placing money on the counter would be fine there but not in Amercia. "In Asia that would have been alright but HERE it's different."

I kept apologizing and said I would not to be so inconsiderate or rude in the future. However she just kept lecturing me in front of the other customers. She basically had the last word by saying I had no excuses at all. I grabbed my items and left. I was already late and basically didn't believe on wasting time on someone who obviously wanted to start something.

This was at my local Walmart and she was my cashier before and I was nothing but civil to her. Obviously cashiers see many people during their shifts so I didn't except this behavior from her.

My usually behavior in paying for things is to place the cash in front of the cashier, get the change, and then give it to the cashier. It just takes me a few seconds to finish the transaction especially if the total has very few cents.

Most places I go to such as bookstores, movies, gas stations, other stores have never complained about this. They usually say that it's nice since I don't use such large bills, fiftys or twenties to pay for purchases that are only for a few dollars or when it's a total with just one cent.

I do not use any type of card at my local Walmart because it creates a hassle because sometimes they will not take the card. It is because my cards just require a signature and picture identification and no PIN. They will not take it so I just use cash and change to purchase my items. The cashier was nice to the customer in front of me but completely changed her mind over such a small issue. I don't know if it was just because of her work shift since it is. 24/7 Walmart but the behavior was uncalled for.

I'm just going to avoid her at my local Walmart and go to other grocery stores instead for a bit.

I wish that Walmart exployees were at least better surpervised with employees and their hospitality. Working as a cashier isn't the most glamorous job but acting like a complete ignorant person is not entitled to anyone.

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First Born Triplet

Whoever that anonymous person is they are trolling you guys, just saying, I have a feeling it is a regular on this site, Kevin Richards or blackdontcrack. Kevin Richards trolls by posting racist comments and blackdontcrack trolls by accusing everyone of racism.

So who ever is replying to timidperson's review is trolling and we are all feeding the troll. I even made a review about this troll. The site does not take trolling seriously just like the cashier will not be talked to. Yeah talking to the manager he may tell you he will take care of the issue and he may try to make things right just to keep your business.

But he won't really take any action. In this case the cashier was being a ***, and deserves to have action taken against her, but I have seen many incidents where the manager broke the rules to please someone who was wrong making the employee look foolish. Why to make the extra $20 in sales. Frankly in some cases the customer needs to be kicked out, and in some cases the employee needs to be talked to.

Just the other day the employee was rude to our family at CNE and we reported them. (It was two of them actually.


Why are you blaming Walmart? Do you think they condone that type of behavior?

Maybe instead of complaining on here where nothing will get resolved maybe you should call the store manager or corporate and inform them of your experience. They are the ones who can fix this cashiers poor customer service skills.


Be careful you just disagreed with her, she may accuse you of racism.


That or someone may accuse you of being a dumb_asshole.


Than that someone is childish and does not know how to argue without childish name calling. Notice how she accused not only the cashier but other posters of racism because they disagree with her, yet she ASSumes that the cashier is an immigrant.

How does she know the cashier was not born here?


You're really discriminating their gender now. Is it because of this username?

They could be a guy. Now you are being sexist. He or she is probably done. They ranted, fought of an anon, and is done.

You're just trying to start a war. They are smart enough not to get involved with someone who NEEDS the last war.


I do not go around accusing people of racism unless they are racist. The cashier was racist because she assumed that I was not born here.

I admit I was wrong when I said she was an immigrant. I admit I am doing the same thing as she is doing and that it is wrong. I apologize for it. I was very polite to the cashier and I apologized for what I did, she continues to berate me and saying that my standards and USA standards are different.

I am entitled to my opinion, as you are entitled to yours. Jillian is entitled to her opinion as well. Please do not bash and harass those that stick up for me. Walmart needs better hiring standards, had I looked at a customer wrong or talked this way to a customer when I worked in retail I would have been fired.

I walked away and she continued to lecture me in front of other customers. She obviously has a problem with me being Asian because she was very polite to the other customers and her attitude changed with me over a small issue. Next time I will report to a manager. As I said this cashier should be scrubbing toilets and get demoted because she has poor people skills.

She is racist. I don't see the problem with leaving the money on the register. I have done this in book stores, movies, gas stations and no one had complained about this.

I was simply putting my money on the counter to count out my change and she started jumping all over me. I respect your opinion

, but I don't like how the other person assumed I was brought up wrong.


Speaking of not being smart, if you are going to pretend to be someone else who sides with you at least make sure you are posting under the correct name? You said don't bash Jillian, she is entitled to her opinion, well looking at the comment you are Jillian.

Remember it was Timidperson who made the account and JillianR defending her, not JillianR with the issue with the cashier.

So in other words if you are going to pretend other people are on your side at least make sure you are posting with the right username or nickname. That way you can at least convince people someone else is siding with you.


Really? You think that Walmart cares.

If they gave the proper training the incident would not have happened in the first place. Obviously the manager gives them the thumbs up for this to occur. This person is right. Not all stores are so strict but keeping up and giving them a standard way of acting and a clear punishment is the way to go.

Customer service is honestly a long process to deal with. Have you seen the Comcast video where the customer was on hold for several hours until closing? They will redirect you or just tell you that they are sorry.

If that cashier has a good reputation on the outside, the manager will just agree with them.

Unless the conversation was recorded, they have no proof and will be written off as just another irritable customer.

They don't do surveys anymore on the credit/debit slider. They used to ask if the cashier greeted you or not. It's been taken away and I think it's destroyed customer service.

I'm sure this person is debating to call or not. Corporate will probably just send the a standard email tell them they are sorry for the inconvenience and will work on it. They won't do anything except give another lesson on how to act.

It's ridiculous but true. Let them rant and cool off.


Normally it is the parents job to teach children what is considered rude, you a grown up should have realized that this behavior was rude a long time ago. She has every right to lecture you.

This complaint should be to your parents about how they failed to raise you to be polite rather than to someone who pointed out to you something you should have been taught when you were four years old. You started this while thing with your lack of manners.(we can blame your mom or dad for this). Your behavior was uncalled for, an adult should know better. You got what you deserved and you were acting ignorant.

If you are going to live in the USA at least live by our standards or go home.


Well I can understand this behavior from her and your opinion. Although I would like to inform you that I was born in the USA.

You're also implying that you yourself is entitled to tell me to live by your standards but you mean mine also. I live here and I was born here. I happen to have the right to my own opinion as you are to yours. You're also condescending by implying that I have no manners and insulting my family and heritage.

Did I not mention I was civil and apologized to her? I did not fight her on this. I gave her respect. I took the words and analyzed my behavior and I own up to my mistakes but you're overlooking the issue.

Employees at Walmart need to have proper hospitality. It's alright to lecture but not push it and pull the race card like you've also done like her. I've seen several other people of different ethnicities and gender do the same thing I've done yet no one has actually said anything about it. The cashier herself was Hispanic herself and an immigrant.

Are you going to give her a high-five for telling me to be a good girl in America and to learn to be quiet and just listen? I've already learned that from my parents and others.

I worked for every cent I earned at a retail job to pay for school. The respectable manager I had is very clear on how to treat customers.

If I didn't smile, I would be fired. If I looked at someone the wrong way, I would be fired. If I couldn't greet someone properly, I was fired. I was also told clearly never to even dare talk to a customer who was paying inconsiderately.

That meant being fired and having no possibility in getting a job since I like others signed an agreement not to apply for jobs within several miles near the store until after six months if fired. It was a tight community that everyone got along in.

Walmarts are all different in a sense and have either high or small standards. It's absolutely disgusting the way employees are allowed to act towards their customers.

I have had money thrown at me and been asked to count pennies and coins just for a few dollars. I never said anything and just took it. I helped a customer try on several items even though in the end they never purchased a thing. I suck it up and show hospitality.

I especially do not lecture anyone on how to raise their own children when I work or even the parents.

Are you not ignorant? You can just tell someone to live by the standards or go home. That's not being helpful but implying your own ignorance and prejudice.

Your explanation? That's the way you have been raised. It's happened before to me before, You're not the first one. I hope that in some sense, you'll learn not to spread the okay to be prejudice.

So look in the mirror and check yourself like I have mine. I have learned from my mistakes but will you ever learn from yours?


You showed disrespect for her when you put the money on the counter. No one is playing the race card.

It is very easy to play the race card when you are wrong and told you are wrong, it is also very cowardly. How do you know the cashier is an immigrant, oh I get it because the cashier is Hispanic she is automatically an immigrant. This makes you a hypocrite since you ASSume she is an immigrant because she is Hispanic. She too could have been born here.

Or let me play the game your way, perhaps you are the racist and just have problems with Hispanic people?

You obviously did not learn from your parents because if you did you would not have done what you did. Just admit you are wrong and quit playing the race card and accusing others of being racist for telling you that you are wrong.Also you seem to be judging all walmart employees based on one cashiers behavior, guess you are the one discirminating, before accusing anyone of discrimination and racism look at yourself in a mirror because you are doing the same thing.


You're a troll. They mentioned they were questioned about their own race.

You do realize that the cashier most likely starting telling her about how she was born or when she arrived to America. Not to mention accents, when I moved here from France, I came with an accent. You can't get rid of it sometimes. Not to mention you're mad this person had a good point about y our own actions.

You automatically assumed their own situation. They never mentioned anything besides nationality and her status of the cashier. did they have terrible wording? Yes but you were pushing them probably to start this war.

Based on your words, you DO sound prejudice by telling them to either learn it or just go home. Seriously everyone has their own way. My brother has OCD and has to circle around the store three times and ask the cashier to count any money he has three times. He always does things in three.

Are you telling me that there's one way in EVERYTHING? Please look outside the box. I myself take the time to count things on the counter and immediately try to hand the cashier things. Why?

Cashiers at certain places don't seem to pay attention such as Walmart. No one wants to get ripped off. This person tried to hand the money to them ASAP but the cashier took it first and started questioning them. Key word: TRIED.

Did this person start acting vulgar to the cashier? No. They listened. They apologized.

The cashier just didn't want to accept it and kept going just like you are. They want to rant just like anyone else is entitled to. Walmarts are all different but they do need a standard. This cashier obviously had been given the thumbs up to act this way.

How? No manager is supervising or giving an average standard on how to act. Not all Walmarts are like this but there are some that don't give a *** on Customer Service or how to treat their customers. They just want money.

By the way, you're being prejudice by labeling them as an automatic racist.

They didn't call you that but prejudice and you're really not doing a good job on how to act either. You're the vulgar one.


Really? You're starting this with a person just ranting.

You did insult them and it's absolutely rubbish. I put my money down the counter several times like at the movie theater, stores, and etc. It may not be proper but sometimes it is just how it is. One person even asked during the Swine flu incident to just leave it on the counter for them to count before using hand sanitizer to take it.

It's not a big deal. The cashier had a point but they didn't need to lecture them. Just ask nicely. Don't start a full blown issue over it.

It's rude to the customer and others. She's just showing them how Walmart doesn't care about their customers. It's like in class when you have several students of various ages, young or old, start correcting the professor or teacher constantly. It's rude and interferes with everyone else.

No one should have to be treated this way but sometimes stores act like this. Walmart doesn't always have a good reputation. Just look it up.

I had worked Walmart and it sucked. My manager messed up my hours and my wages.

My former co workers just treated people bad or good. The coworker with the most work experience there acted like an Angel in disguise. They never helped the customer with simple things like price check and if the the customer grabbed the manager, they turned the situation by making the customer as the bad guy. I quit and starting working somewhere else like a mom and pops store.

The boss wasn't strict enough to sign contracts but I learned how to hold my tongue and just deal with it. I've had money thrown at me too but I just let it go. I had no problem with money at the counter. It's money.

Unless you think people like to be treated like that.

You're the one who has the issue by evening starting the race card.mThis person is right, you are sounding like a prejudice person. Are you angry they hit a nerve? Were they right?

I'm sounding like the cashier. You don't need a mirror but enough to deflate your own ego.

First Born Triplet

Since when was it "rude" to put money on the counter? Also next time tell her she is the one being rude.

@First Born Triplet

I honestly have no idea when it became rude but I've just been criticized for this by an anon and her. I don't think that I will ever actually use her lane again since she will most likely critique me again even after I put the money in her hands through the "proper" way.

I really wish I had time to get the manager and issue a complaint. When I used to work in retail to help pay for school, I was expected to treat customers a certain way. If my manager ever caught me or anyone else acting like that, she would have the papers ready to fire someone and make sure they wouldn't be able to get a job close to the store until the six month mark passed. We all signed agreements to this after being hired.

We were also watched through several placed cameras that had audio. She was always questioning customers about their experience to help keep us in check. It worked.

I do wish Walmart had some standards on how employees are to the customers.

If I do see her or if this happens again, I will call them on it. Although I won't put money on the counter again.


You should go thru her line again and deliberately lay the money on the counter. You should also get friends and family members to do the same.

If I lived in your area, I would ask you to describe her just so I could go thru her line. I would heartily enjoy the opportunity to embarrass the *** out of her!

I worked retail and people laying money on the counter was not uncommon and was never anything that got my undies in a wad. When people did that, I assumed they did not want to touch hands, so I would count their change back to them on the counter and leave it there. I never had an incident where words were exchanged.

The cashier is an id*iot and should not be working with customers. You should report her to management. Maybe they can re-assign her to scrub toilets.

BTW: the anon that lectured you also comments on every letter here and makes childish remarks to all the posters.

They have 'issues' they obviously aren't getting help for.. oh well...their problem!


With so much anger to a cashier when this did not happen to you are you creating other accounts to look like others are siding with you. That is pathetic.

This person accuses people of racism when they themselves are racist assuming because she is Hispanic that they are immigrants. For all we know they could have been born here just like the childish person who posted this review.


I have never created an account here! Since you are not smart enough to realize it, people who have created accounts have their names in blue and you are able to click on them and see what letters they have posted and what letters they have commented on.

My name, as you should notice, is in black. That means no account created.

If you don't understand, please find a responsible adult who can read and explain things to you.

You are probably the same dipsh*t who posts as anonymous on every letter here, ripping people apart (or rather, trying to - you do quite a poor job of it).

Get out of the basement and go fix your mama her dinner. Remember, you are suppose to be earning your keep.


Okay so you did not create another account but it is apparent from how quickly you responded that you posted this review and are not posting under the username JillianR. You got an email saying someone responded to your review.

In the other reply you under the name JillianR you made it sound like you posted the review, so whatever game you are trying to play it is making you look foolish. You are obviously a child who was not brought up right.